Why should I protect my design?

Why should I protect my design?

Officially registered designs can be used to stop people from copying or stealing your design. It gives the owner of the registered design a stronger position if a third party starts making or trading a design that is similar to yours. The registration certificate provides you with a solid proof of legal protection in particular jurisdiction where it is registered.

The design protects the look, the view of the product. It protects the new and individual details of the good. When the design is registered, nobody can use the same design for the same good, and also for similar good. Furthermore, even the pictures of the design also cannot be produced, used, modified without the permission of the design owner.

The advantages of design protection

  • no one can use the same design for the same product and also for the similar products;
  • no one can take a picture and use the picture in any manner of the design;
  • the owner can license the design to the other manufacturers (like furniture or clothes manufacturers);
  • the design rights can be soled to other manufacturers as well.

To protect the design is relatively easily. The design must simply be registered at the patent office. No specific descriptions must be prepared. To have adequately prepared design views is sufficient for the design registration. Indeed, the reproduction of the pictures or drawings of the design is the most important aspect when filing the application.

Another positive element of the design registration that is it relatively cheap to register and maintain the design. In Europe, the design registration fee for a single design is 350 Eur. In the United States the official fee is 100 USD for small companies.