About Dossier

We are a data laboratory with the technological ability to help you completely transform your businesses strategies. Our scientific process and bespoke systems uncover the relevant data needed to fully understand what will improve your business. Utilizing all the trending technological advancements in the digital space we work to uncover the key insights you need to drive your target audience towards your key result.

Key Takeaways

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Industry leading data modeling shows us the future. Using techniques from data mining, statics and artificial intelligence, we accurately forecast how people will behave.
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Strategic messages can create real change in your audience. We use digital, traditional and in-person communications to inform and influence target audiences.
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Proven research methodologies to gather accurate, multi-dimensional data that enable insightful analysis.

What We Do


The accurate data collection we are able to complete provides insight into the minds of your consumers. The model formed by multi-dimensional data is important to the process of online data analytics. The research methodologies, logical cubes, dimensions, and attributes provide businesses control over which metrics they analyze.


To keep up with the present digital age, you always need to be thinking about the future. Data modeling with the help of data mining and artificial intelligence are the future of the technology industry. Our services find correlations and patterns when comparing your data to that of trustworthy third-party sites. This allows us to accurately forecast how people behave and how you can effectively reach your target audience.


To go beyond just understanding your audience, you need to know how to communicate with them in ways they’ll respond to. Sending strategic messages to your target audience can spark change in their behaviors. Using our informative analysis methods and persuasive messaging, you will be able to engage with your target audience through multiple platforms. Our methods are not limited to SEO optimization, social media engagement, publication or paid advertisement, and in-person communications as each have their own strengths when  interacting with consumers and convert them.

We provide the groundbreaking information every business seeks

Our mission is to utilize the combination of behavioral sciences and data analytics to understand the entire behavioral scope of your target audience. You need to connect with each individual on a personal level and we are here to help you accomplish that goal. We want to help you analyze the data you have so you can benefit from the information it provides. Our first to third-party data comparisons will provide you with the KPI’s you need to continue improving your business.

The combination of predictive data analytics, innovative machine learning technology, and consumer behaviors uncovers important insights about the specific behavioral traits of your target audience. Additional information from trustworthy data providers allows businesses, organizations, and people to understand the hidden secrets of the business world. These secrets could be the key to the overall success of your business.

“Dossier analyzes specific mission outcomes, creating in-depth reports that can be presented to your stakeholders.. Giving clear insight into where your campaign is working, and where it isn't." - David Casey

Dossier Labs continuously uses relevant data to change the behaviors and interests of audiences. Our retargeting methods allow you to meet your audience where they’re at so your message is always top of mind. Behavioral sciences are an integral part of understanding who your target audience is and what they need from you. Our machine learning techniques incorporated in our systems leverage artificial intelligence to forecast accurate projections.

Our Team