Dossier Labs

Dossier Labs

The insights you get from data science can feel like a gift to your business, but you don't get to just open your hands and get it delivered to you with a bow on it. There are a lot of moving parts and things that have to be planned and coordinated for all of this to work properly.

Key Moments

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What We Do


Proven research methodologies to gather accurate, multi-dimensional data that enable insightful analysis.


Industry leading data modeling shows us the future. Using techniques from data mining, statics and artificial intelligence, we accurately forecast how people will behave.


Strategic messages can create real change in your audience. We use digital, traditional and in-person communications to inform and influence target groups.

Something about Journalistic Integrity

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“Dossier analyzes specific mission outcomes, creating in-depth reports that can be presented to your stakeholders.. Giving clear insight into where your campaign is working, and where it isn't." - Hackernoon

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Our Team