What are the benefits of European Union (EU) trademark registration?

What are the benefits of European Union (EU) trademark registration?

Trademarks play an essential role in protecting your brand as well as consumers and in promoting your company’s growth. The strong and distinctive trademarks enable consumers to make quick, confident and safe purchasing decisions, which helps the trademark owner to strengthen its sales and expand the business. Trademarks and related intellectual property encourage vibrant competition for the benefit of consumers, workers, brand owners and society at large.

When we talk about EU trademark registration, the advantage of registering your mark at the European Union Intellectual Property Office is that with a single registration you have protection in all EU Member States. In 2018 there were 28 member countries of the EU (the full list is here) with over half a billion potential consumers.

European Union is one of few exceptions when with a single registration the applicant can gain trademark protection in more that one country. Taking into account the geographical scope of the protection, the registration of your mark in EU is very cheap. We provide trademark registration services as low as 1325 Eur for a single class. All fees are included in this price. For only this fee you can have a trademark registered for 10 years!

The trademark protects not only the interests of the owner of the intellectual property but also is intended to protect consumers in the same way as its proprietors.

For example, if a consumer buys NIKE shoes with a swoosh logo on them, they can enjoy the right to expect that the source of such shoes is NIKE, Inc. This dual protection is what makes trademarks so valuable: on the one side, the brand owner is afforded with legal means to prevent unfair competitors from free riding on its brand’s goodwill, and on the other hand, it secures the interests of consumers.

To sum up, the advantages of registering the trademark in Europe are:

• protection of your brand name in all EU member states with a single registration;

• development of your brand in EU and recognition of more than half a billion potential consumers;

• registration of the mark for 10 years with the possibility to renew the mark. No fees are paid within first 10 years after the registration is completed!

• security presenting your brand in EU conferences, seminars and gatherings. Once you have your mark registered, you can freely disclose it with no fear somebody will use it.

• protection of your brand in EU e-commerce (such online markets as; and similar);

• protection of your brand by the EU Customs (they will prevent counterfeiting goods entering the EU once you provide the Customs with the registration of your brand).

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