How long does trademark protection last?

How long does trademark protection last?

The trademark protection can last perpetually. But the applicant must pay the renewal fees for the trademark.

Usually each ten years you need to renew your trademark and pay the renewal fee. The renewal fee most likely corresponds to the registration fee, but in every countries the fees differ. In US, for example, the renewal fee is – $425 per class. In Europe the fee is 850 Eur for the first class, and additional fees of 150 Eur for the following classes.

Oldest international trademark belongs to Longines Watch Company

The original trademark still appears on the back of Longines watches.

Originally registered in Switzerland in 1889, the Longines trademark was filed under the Madrid Agreement Concerning the International Registration of Marks in 1893. The Longines trademark was the fourteenth application filed and it is still registered today.

Coca-Cola trade mark was created back in 1886.  Luis Vuitton brand name was founded in 1854 – 164 years ago! The recognition of a trademark comes with the time. The longer the trademark is registered, the better it is recognised by the public. If a trademark becomes well-known mark, it have the broader protection than the ordinary marks.

Well-known trade and service marks enjoy in most countries protection against signs which are considered a reproduction, imitation or translation of that mark provided that they are likely to cause confusion in the relevant sector of the public. Well-known marks are usually protected, irrespective of whether they are registered or not, in respect of goods and services which are identical with, or similar to, those for which they have gained their reputation. In many countries, they are also, under certain conditions protected for dissimilar goods and services. It should be noted that, there is no commonly agreed detailed definition of what constitutes a is well-known mark. Each time the court decides if a mark is well-known.