How long does it take to register a trademark in EU?

How long does it take to register a trademark in EU?

The EU trademark registration takes up to 4-5 months, depending on if the trademark goes through the Fast Track procedure or not.

The Fast Track procedure applies to such applications, where:

  • the goods and services of the trademark are from a database of terms that have already been accepted by the EUIPO.
  • The fee is paid upfront: examiners can only start examining the application once payment is complete. Subject to prompt payment and provided there are no deficiencies at the moment of filing or during an examination of the application, the application will still proceed via Fast Track.

The time of registration also depends if the trademark is opposed during the registration process. When the opposition is filed, the registration process is suspended until the opposition is solved or the amicable settlement is reached between the parties.

Registration process:

→ Application filed → Examination of application (2-6 weeks) → Application is published → Opposition period starts (3 months) → If no opposition is filed, the trademark is registered. The mark is registered for ten years with the possibility to renew it afterward.

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