Your Work Gmail Is About To Get An Upgrade

Google is a part of your day-to-day workspace, and that is why it is important to note that goggle has announced that it will be transferring or moving people to their new Gmail layout.
Your Work Gmail Is About To Get An Upgrade
Your Work Gmail Is About To Get An Upgrade

Chances are high that you and your team communicate via google, be it on google duo or Gmail. It is highly possible that you use google drive to share information, presentations, and documents in your workplace.

Is the Upgrade Worth It?

The new Gmail layout will give you more features, more control and help you experience true digital transformation. It will make collaboration faster and more effective leaving you more informed than before. The new Gmail layout will impact the end-user and will have no admin control. The new layout is integrated, making it easier to maneuver between essential applications such as chat Gmail, and meet all in one central location.

With the new Gmail layout, you will notice some visual changes and user interface upgrades. Although the new Gmail layout is still recognizable from the old Gmail, the new design comes with new features brought about by its integration with other Google applications such as tasks, keep, calendar, and other third-party plugins.

When Is It Set to Begin?

The change is set to begin on the 8th of February 2022. On this day, users will be allowed to test and experience the new Gmail, try it, and familiarize themselves with it. Users will, however, have the opportunity to switch back to the classical Gmail at their convenience through the settings. By April of 2022, all Gmail users, whether they had opted in and familiarized themselves with the new Gmail or not, will begin to experience the new Gmail by default.

At this time, users will still have the option of reverting to the old or the classic Gmail through the settings. By the end of 2022 second quarter, the new Gmail layout will become the standard with no option of reverting to the old one. Users will also experience the new streamlined navigation on the chat web. This means that those who won't have configured their chats to display on Gmail's right side will no longer have a chance to do so.

What Has Changed

The most noticeable change in the new Gmail layout is the new sidebar located to the left of the Gmail. The sidebar comes with several buttons for mail, compose, spaces, chat and meet. You will find the contacts of the people you frequently message in chat at the bottom left corner and will be indicated by their profile pictures. This new sidebar is a perfect replacement for the current messy Gmail sidebar with a combination of chat, mail folder, and spaces.

What Makes the New Gmail Worthwhile?

The new Gmail is merged and integrated so that when navigating the menu, you do not need to switch between tabs to access meaningful conversations, your inbox, or even join meetings. This is because these functions are merged and now easily accessible. The new Gmail will come with a notification bubble that allows you to see where else your attention is required.

For example, while working in chat and spaces, the new Gmail will enable you to see a list of all your conversations within the same screen. This will make engagement and navigation relatively easy. It's also fascinating that you will be able to see all your mails and label options while working in your inbox with the new Gmail.

Also, while using the search bar, your chat and email results will be visible, making it easier to find what you require through elimination. The new Gmail layout will also come with a watermark feature where after creating a document, Goggle Docs will allow you to watermark it as your own before exporting them. This means that one can create a document online and watermark it using third-party applications. Creating a doc and watermarking it with either draft or embargo has also been made more accessible and more effective.


The new Gmail will be available to Business Plus, Google Workspace Business Starter, Enterprise Essentials, Business Standard, Enterprise Standard, Educational Plus, Enterprise Plus, Educational Fundamentals, No9n Profits, Frontline, Business Customers, as well as G Suit Basic. Unfortunately, the new Gmail will not be available for the Google Workspace Essential Customers.

Will the New Upgrade Make Any Difference?

Yes, the upgrade will be worth it and will make a lot of difference. This is because the new Gmail integration will make it easier for someone to work faster from a centralized location, to find all the information they need without switching from one application, tab, or window to the next. The new layout will not only make work easier but will also increase the user's productivity.

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