Windows 12: These New features We Want to See in The Next OS

These are just a few of the features we'd love to see in Windows 12. Of course, Microsoft may have some different surprises for the users, and we can't wait to see what they have in store for their next operating system.
Windows 12: These New features We Want to See in The Next OS
Windows 12: These New features We Want to See in The Next OS

The anticipation is building for what Windows 12 might bring to the table. The Windows 11 which is now around for 2 years and already brings some new features and a fresher aesthetic which completely redefine the user experience. But, as with all technology, there's always room for growth and improvement.

We're all curious about Windows 12 after all the hype, "What's next?" The leap from previous versions has set the bar high. We're thirsty for more seamless integration, cutting-edge features, and a system that feels more personalized daily needs.

There is no official words from Microsoft yet, but  there are already whispers about potential features that might find their way into the next OS. As a Windows user, here's top features wishlist we hope to see in the next operating system.

Windows 12: The Features We Want to See

Better Integration with Android and iOS Devices

The first feature that i really want to see in Windows 12 is better integration with Android and iOS devices. Microsoft could make things a lot easier for users by improving integration between Windows 12 and Android and iOS devices. This could include things like making it easier to transfer files between devices, or allowing you to pick up where you left off on a task on another device.

Currently, third-party apps are required to achieve this level of integration. With Windows 12, we hope to see a more seamless and native experience for users who own both Windows devices and smartphones.

Improved Virtual Desktops

Virtual desktops have been available on previous versions of Windows, but they haven't been as intuitive or easy to use compared to other operating systems. In Windows 12, we hope to see improved virtual desktop capabilities that allow for a more fluid and efficient workflow.

This could include features such as the ability to easily switch between virtual desktops, customizable backgrounds and icons for each desktop, and the ability to drag and drop apps between different virtual desktops. These improvements could greatly enhance productivity for users who rely on multiple workspaces.

Live Wallpapers

One of the most requested features for Windows 12 is live wallpapers. Live wallpapers are animated backgrounds that can add a bit of personality to your desktop.  While users can currently set a video as their wallpaper in Windows 11, it would be exciting to see an official live wallpaper feature in the next OS.

This feature has already won hearts on Android and iOS platforms, showcasing its popularity. It's high time that Windows joins the trend, offering its users the chance to customize their experience with engaging and lively backdrops.

A Central Location for All Settings

The Settings app in Windows 10 has been a welcome improvement over the Control Panel, but it still doesn't offer a central location for all Windows settings. In Windows 12, we'd like to see Microsoft retire the Control Panel altogether and make the Settings app the one-stop shop for all things Windows.

Looking forward to Windows 12, it would be a strategic move for Microsoft to phase out the Control Panel entirely. By enhancing and expanding the Settings app to encompass all aspects of Windows management, Microsoft can streamline the user experience, making it more intuitive and efficient for users to customize their operating system.

Widgets on the Desktop

Widgets on the desktop have become a highly requested feature. These mini-apps offer quick access to information like weather forecasts, news headlines, or stock portfolio updates right at your fingertips.

Incorporating widgets can significantly enhance the functionality and personalization of your desktop. They allow for a tailored experience, making important information readily accessible without the need to open multiple applications.

Seamless Update Process

Last but not least, a seamless and efficient update process is something that we all hope to see in Windows 12. Updates are an essential part of keeping our operating system secure and up-to-date, but the current update process can be time-consuming and frustrating.

We'd love to see Microsoft streamline the update process in Windows 12, making it faster and more transparent for users. This could include the ability to schedule updates, choose which updates to install, or have a more user-friendly interface during the updating process.

Better AI Integration

Microsoft Already brings AI Copilot to Windows 11. Windows 12 may take it to another level by improving AI integration in the entire operating system.

The feature could help users with tasks like organizing files, setting reminders, and managing emails. With AI integration, Windows 12 can become more personalized and intelligent, anticipating users' needs and making their daily tasks easier to manage.

Rumors About Windows 12

  • Windows 12 is rumored to be released in June 2024.
  • The new design features a redesigned taskbar, a floating search bar, a weather widget and system icons moved to the top right corner, making it look more modern and minimalist.
  • One of the most exciting features is the integration of artificial intelligence throughout the operating system. AI will make Windows 12 smarter, faster and more personalized by learning from your behavior and preferences.
  • Another major change is the modular system design which will make the OS more flexible and adaptable to different devices and platforms. Windows 12 will be based on a core operating system called Windows core OS which will be the foundation for all windows variants and other Windows products.
  • Windows 12 will also have a new update cadence with major updates released every 3 years and minor updates every 6 months. There will also be a subscription service for premium features and access to the latest version of Windows.

Final Words

There are many features that we would love to see in Windows 12. From better integration with our devices to improved virtual desktops and live wallpapers, these additions would greatly enhance the user experience. We also hope to see a central location for all settings, the ability to pin widgets on the desktop, and a more seamless update process.

So lets see what Microsoft has in store for us. But one thing is for sure, with each new version of Windows, we can expect exciting new features and improvements that will make our computing experience even better.

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