What’s Next in The Sims?

The Sims has an important role to play in the world of video games and beyond. From inspiring creatives and modders to break down the barriers between film and gaming and inspiring new audiences to engage with games, The Sims is a trailblazing game series that will continue to break new ground for years to come.
What’s Next in The Sims?
What’s Next in The Sims?

The Sims has been the best-selling PC game of all time and the most-played PC game in the world. But it's not just a game; it's an ever-growing franchise and cultural phenomenon with more than 175 million copies sold to date, spawning five expansions, eight blockbuster games and more than 16 console titles. Which begs the question, What's next for The Sims?

Keeping The Flame Alive

After 15 years and 175 million units sold, The Sims has become an all-encompassing cultural phenomenon, a media juggernaut recognized for spawning innovation in multiple industries. From dazzling art and fashion to inspiring music, bestselling books and even an award-winning television series, The Sims inspires creativity across the globe.


The Sims has had a powerful impact on the advertising industry, with brands engaging in real-world relationships with modders who created special Romantic versions of the characters. Since the game's release, The Sims get used in advertising campaigns for more than 30 brands.

Brands Push In-Game Copywriting

Several brands have capitalized on the game's in-game copywriting, with many companies using their own branded content to advertise on their websites. Haribo and Fortnum & Mason have both created custom Sim foods for kids, while L'Oreal has used the game to promote its new Voluminous Mascara.

Making The Sims a Social Phenomenon

As well as television and advertising, The Sims has also experienced meteoric growth in social media, with more than 140 million fans across dozens of platforms worldwide, including Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter. Several celebrities have even used the game to advertise their social media pages - from Rihanna to David Beckham – who launched their Simon Fuller Pres skills business via a special Create A Sim using David Beckham's image.

Breaking New Ground with The Long Tail

The long tail of The Sims has had an astronomical impact in various spheres, including art and literature. The Sims has inspired numerous artists across the world to create their sculptures, paintings and illustrations using The Sims.

Why The Long Tail Exists

One of the most important elements of The Sims is its ability for people to customize the game world however they wish. In one instance, a teenage girl got taken with Sim's ability to turn rusty tin cans into a 'paw fashion' that she created sculptures portraying her favorite character in this way.

Blurring The Line Between Film and Gaming

The Sims also boasts a compelling cast of characters, none existing only in the game - many get transformed into characterized action figures. From Crash, a superhero who cleans up litter for his local community, to Agent 88, a clone detective that fights crime and pollution in the city of Altoon.

An Education Within the Sims Experience

The Sims also inspires fans to get creative within the game, using the medium as a way for players to improve their skills in writing and visual arts. The Sims has had a spectacular impact on several schools, sparking some children's imaginations that have led them to pursue career opportunities in film, television and literary arts.

Where Will The Sims Go Next?

Franchises don't die; they grow. The Sims is not only one of the most successful series in videogame history, but it's also driven millions of people to collaborate with and educate each other through a complicated process known as the Simming community. The Sims will continue to expand its impact on culture, bringing with it opportunities for new audiences to engage with and learn from this innovative game.

Gaming Phenomenon

As well as being recognized across multiple industries as a brilliant innovation and groundbreaker. The Sims get acknowledged as a top-tier gaming experience. The game has won 37 major awards, including the BAFTA Games Award for Best Game Series, five MTV awards and multiple Interactive Achievement Awards, including best Simulation Title.

Pushing Boundaries

The Sims has expanded the possibilities of what games can do by allowing players to create rich and limitless virtual lives. Since The Sims first launched on PC more than 15 years ago, the game has continued to evolve and grow as it enters into new territories. As new platforms emerge, The Sims will be there to push boundaries and break down barriers that have previously limited the medium.

The Future of the Brand

The Sims inspires innovation across art, education, fashion, advertising and entertainment. The franchise will offer something for everyone, even inspiring new and unexpected fan experiences as it continues to push the boundaries of creativity.

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