What You Need To Know About Twitter's New Livestream Shopping Platform

Live stream shopping platforms create an exceptional opportunity for brands to exhibit what their clients can offer. Learn why Twitter has created a live stream shopping platform and how the new feature has changed how we shop.
What You Need To Know About Twitter's New Livestream Shopping Platform
What You Need To Know About Twitter's New Livestream Shopping Platform

There is a major paradigm shift in businesses as more customers are shifting from conventional e-commerce towards making purchases via social media. This is due to the continuous mushrooming of channels used to disseminate information. The digital world transforms the mind of business owners who are devoted to developing ways new ways to make sales happen. Due to this, millions of marketers have now moved to social media to enhance their brand visibility, leverage customer base, and promote their desired culture, mission or tone.

Today, most potential customers are interacting with brands via social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc. Therefore, you could be missing a lot if you are not on these platforms.  

Recently, Livestream shopping has been on the rise, and many tech companies are embracing the idea. Twitter is becoming serious about shopping and is now the newest to venture into the shopping and Livestream trending. It has taken the shopping experience to a whole new level by introducing a new pilot program that incorporates shopping with live streams. The new feature will allow users to sell and market their products while live streaming on Twitter.

About Twitter’s New Livestream Shopping Platform

Twitter's first shopping Livestream will take place on 28th November and incorporate different products such as electronics, home goods, apparel, and more. The new platform is a major win for businesses as they have been bestowed with the power to engage with their most influential audiences. Twitter's Livestream shopping platform creates a seamless way for buyers to buy or save featured products directly from the platform. During live-stream, viewers can access a list of products just below the video.

For potential buyers, you will be redirected to the store's website with just a click. Live shopping allows you to switch between the shopping tab and the Livestream. The stream will still play in a picture-in-picture mode even when you buy on the third-party merchant's website. Twitter announced that the shopping elements would only be available on IOS and desktop. However, android users will only view the stream live but won't interact with the shopping features.

How Twitter Live Streaming Shopping Platform Change How We Shop

Twitter Livestream experiences are captivating as it brings the store closer to the customer. It surges the relationship between retailers and shoppers due to the immediacy of the interactions. With Twitter live-streaming shopping, consumers will tend to buy more since there are minimal barriers to purchasing compared to other e-commerce platforms. For instance, a fashion designer can take viewers through the latest fashion for particular occasions while answering customer questions about the design in real-time, building trust and engagement.

There is increased brand recognition with Twitter live stream shopping, especially if popular figures with a huge following run the live stream. For example, on 28th November, the shopping stream will go live at 7 pm ET, starring Jason Derulo. He will host a 30- minute show exhibiting a comprehensive range of products that users will be able to buy immediately. Due to this, there will be increased brand awareness among shoppers, which will lead to a surge in buying.

How Twitter Livestream Shopping Compares to other Social Media Brands

With Twitter Livestream shopping, shoppers can easily connect with retailers, and the real-time audience can communicate with sellers. Although you can reach a wide customer base with other social media brands, you cannot invite them to watch your stream as it is in the case of Twitter Livestream shopping. There are increased conversion rates as most viewers buy because they see other people buying right now while watching. Also, it is always engaging when you are demonstrated or taught something with an enormous level of passion.

Viewers can immerse themselves in the liveness of the stream. There is high information density on the Twitter Livestream shopping platform. The feature has made it easier for brands to present an enormous database and maintain their customers seamlessly. A viewer can also access recommendations or choices synonymous with their taste. It will be so easy for various brands to convert a viewer to a trusted customer.

As more brands are moving to the digital platform to reach a wide range of audiences, Twitter's live stream shopping platform will give shoppers an exceptional experience while increasing the brand's engagement with users. Also, this is a greater way to attract and engage with a receptive audience.

If you want to sell your products on our new live stream shopping platform, contact us, and we will guide you on how to go about it.

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