What New Technology Launches Will We Be Seeing In 2022?

Technology is ever-changing and happening all over the world. To this end, the need for increased network and compute speeds, sustainability, and ever-increasing data volumes are the essential drivers of digital transformation.
What New Technology Launches Will We Be Seeing In 2022?
What New Technology Launches Will We Be Seeing In 2022?

Since the onset of the pandemic in 2020, much technological advancement has taken place to meet the needs of this new reality. In 2022, the effects of the pandemic will continue to impact our lives tremendously. As such, we will continue to experience an accelerated rate of virtualization and digitization of society and business.

With 2022 business plans already looming around the corner, leaders within the tech domain have identified some key trends that will be the drivers of change in 2022. Without further ado, below are the new technology launches expected in 2022.

1. The no-code revolution and everything-as-a-service

Many people find it challenging to try out new ideas on old systems. This is because they are heavily mitigated. Some of these areas include:

• Cloud solutions for storage

• Network and processing means costs

• Risks involved in establishing expensive infrastructure

As such, there is ongoing democratization of data and technology. An emerging industry aims to place the tools and skills required for tech-led innovations in the hands of as vast a proportion of society as possible. Despite experience and expertise in data and technology, there is an explosion of ‘do-it-yourself’ and self-service solutions.

Companies no longer have to hire a large army of computer experts to develop a customized ‘digital brain.’ They can lease one whenever they need it. There are ready-built AI solutions for companies in all industries. More and more companies will deploy ready-built AI and IoT infrastructure from project management to HR to planning and design of production processes in 2022.

Additionally, there will be a no-code revolution. This is whereby no-code interfaces will become more widespread. In turn, people who lack programming knowledge or an in-depth understanding of data and statistics structure will not be barred from bringing a world-changing idea into reality. OpenAI- a research group launched by Elon Musk and supported by Microsoft and many others, recently introduced Codex. As a programming model that generates code from natural and spoken human language, we will continue to see such technology mature in 2022. More so, when such technology merges with the opportunities offered by cloud infrastructure, our imagination and innovation will less often be held back by a lack of either technical skills or resources.

2. Smart Cities and Cars

Intelligent vehicles and infrastructure development in smart cities are in hyperspeed. With many believing that Tesla is the only leader of the intellectual car revolution, many automobile players are looking into the future of automotive and sustainability. Some of these players include Mobileye, Plus, Qualcomm, Luminar, and NVIDIA, among many others. But, there is an expectation in the improvement of advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS). We have seen plenty of success with Level 2+ ADAS demos and testing in the past few months. This refers to when a car’s acceleration and steering controls are automatic, but a human can still take over at any time.

In 2022, there will be significant breakthroughs for fully autonomous operation or Level 4 ADAS, where a human does not need to take over. Who is not looking forward to enjoying a cup of coffee or doing some work on the laptop while your car drives you to where you need to go? Furthermore, cities worldwide are developing their infrastructure to support the connected networks of IoT sensors and smart cars to ease our daily lives. From better public connectivity to more electric vehicle charging stations to other technological advancements. Metropolitan cities will continue to develop smart infrastructure over the next year.

3. Sustainable Energy Solutions

In the past year, renewable energy has been the only form of energy that increased in usage. The United States recorded a 40% increase in the use of renewable energy during the first ten weeks of lockdown. In the world, all non-renewable energy use has reduced since industries shut down and people were forced to stay home. In turn, there was an overall 8% decrease in the release of emissions.

According to the International Energy Agency (IEA), 2020 saw an increased use and generation of renewable energy compared to the previous year. Predictions show that this growth will continue throughout 2022. Furthermore, more exciting energy sources like liquid hydrogen, biofuels, and even nuclear fusion are becoming more attainable.

Hellion Energy, an industry leader in fusion energy, refers to replicating the process the sun uses to create energy. This market leader expects their latest prototype fusion generator to launch in 2022. Practical applications will also emerge in the field of ‘green hydrogen’ energy. To this end, this involves using renewable energy to decrease the overall environmental impact instead of the established processes of developing power (using fossil fuel energy) from hydrogen.


In 2022, technological advancements will be a logical continuation of 2021, but the effects of the pandemic will forever change the course of our lives. Many new behaviors will become the drivers and norms of business and technological innovations.

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