What is Twitter Circle?

Twitter Circle is coming! Here's everything you new to know about this new feature.
What is Twitter Circle?
What is Twitter Circle?

Twitter’s new Circle feature is creating quite a buzz. Though it’s currently in trial mode, it could soon become a permanent feature on the social media platform. Whenever you send a tweet, the entire platform sees it and can scrutinize or concern themselves with your thoughts.

New Features Show Exciting Changes on Twitter

Twitter has 330 million active users each month. Any options that Twitter creates can benefit you and millions of other users. This is not the first new service that Twitter has rolled out since Elon Musk’s pending company purchase. With $44 billion at stake, it’s only natural that he would want to make some changes to secure his investment and build a better site. The new feature allows you to choose up to 150 people that can see your specific tweets.

If you have 750 followers, but you only want 25 to see a post, you’ll have the ability to designate that using this option. Instagram uses a similar feature called Close Friends, but only for images rather than texts.

The 411 on Twitter Circle

It's not clear who can use this service, as the only thing Twitter states is that "some" can start creating their Circle today. So, you will need to log into your account to see if the feature is available to you. If you have access, you can set up your Circle by the prompts. Maybe you already know how to use Twitter Communities to connect with folks who have the same interests as you. However, everybody in the community can see the tweets and other information you share.

Of course, you can use the protected account option that only allows your followers to see and respond to your posts. You must turn the option off if you want to send something to the general board. With Circle, you can send restricted or general tweets without changing anything. You’ll also be glad to know that you can use Circle whether your account is on, iOS, or an Android phone. As soon as you see the Circle option, just check it to choose who will hear what you have to say. Do you have separate Twitter accounts for personal and business posts? You can log onto multiple accounts on the same device and just switch back and forth. However, you can only have one Circle option per account.

Other Circle Features to Consider

Another helpful feature of Circle is that your list of recipients is also private. Use the protected account option if you don’t want recipients to see individual likes or responses. Recipients with protected accounts also keep their answers private within the Circle. Nobody in your Circle can repost your tweets and shared images using the retweet function. However, they can still do screenshots and share information that they’ve downloaded from your Circle page.

What if somebody’s made you a recipient in their Circle, and you’d rather not see their tweets? You can always unfollow the person, and you’ll disappear from their group. On the other hand, they can add you again with just a click, even if you stopped following them. Maybe you’re interested in being part of a circle, but you don’t want to be bombarded by tweets all day. Use the “mute” function, and you won’t see any messages or conversations. When you’re ready to read anything from the Circle, unmute it.

Unfortunately, some users can go overboard by sending tons of tweets, responses, and downloads. You want your Twitter availability to be open, yet you don’t want to be overloaded by a zealous tweeter. In these cases, you can block them and disappear from their Circle and their general account.

How Can Circle Benefit You?

There are some things in your life that you want to stay private or known by very few people. When you have Twitter Circle, it’s simple to choose your recipients. No more worrying that your in-laws read a sensitive tweet you sent to your side of the family. What if you’re planning a surprise birthday party for a friend or family member and discussing the plans via Twitter? You don’t want to send countless private tweets, yet you can’t risk sending out a general one. You could use Circle for one group message, and the birthday person won’t see it.

Plus, there are times when you want specific followers on your business account to receive confidential information. Simply create a Circle, and those tweets will only be available to whom you choose. You have peace of mind knowing that any private or sensitive information isn’t placed in the online world.

Final Thoughts on Twitter Circle

If you aren’t one of the lucky Twitter users who have the introductory Circle feature, don’t worry it's becoming more available now as it's grown in popularity. As the social media platform gets more feedback and fixes any problems, the option will be open to all.

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