What Is Amazon's Amp?

Nowadays, people are finding it fun to DJ their songs when compiling their playlists. Many companies like Amazon have come up with many exciting apps to help you DJ your songs for a more enjoyable playlist. Better yet, it has launched an excellent app that will enable live radio-like shows with unlimited access to over a million songs.
What Is Amazon's Amp?
What Is Amazon's Amp?

The app got launched in beta on iOS earlier this year, in March 2022. However, the AMP app is only limited to Amazon US beta users. The app is free for users and convenient to use. Creators on the app can easily make a show and seamlessly find listeners within the app. The app gives you that old-school DJ feel since you can switch between themes, pick calls as the host, and much more. If you don't like the DJ on Amp, at least you will love the music. The app gives you access to licensed songs from Universal Music Group, Warner Music Group, Sony Music Entertainment, and many more independent companies. Here are a few more facts about Amazon's Amp.

How is Amazon Amp different from other music streaming apps?

The Amazon Amp is an online service that allows you to create and host live radio shows. By tapping the "Create" button on the home screen or your profile page, you can quickly and anytime generate a presentation. You can give the show a title and description, add songs, schedule a future performance, or go live right away. You don't need much external equipment either. Plugin your headphones and interact with your fans from all over the US. Amazon makes it easy to share your playlist with millions of viewers by clicking a button. While in test mode (beta), we have limited capacity for a while, and you will need an Access Code to create or listen to shows.

There are three ways to get a code -  you can get a code by downloading Amp from the App Store and joining the waitlist, subscribing to the Amp Newsletter, or following the @onamp_ social accounts. Choose whichever works best for you and enjoy a unique music experience.

Features and benefits of the Amazon Amp app

The Amazon amp app makes it easy to grow your community, listen to countess playlists and new songs, and engage with callers for your show. Use Amazon Amp to develop your talents and schedule new content using your phone! Here are a few key characteristics of the Amazon Amp app:

Super easy to schedule feature shows

Amazon Amp makes it easy for you to plan your future shows. Use the "schedule later" option to pick a time and date, then continue preparing your presentation. Create an interactive experience where you engage with your audience, call and build an exciting Amp community.

Enjoy a user-friendly interface

The app has a friendly, easy-to-use interface for quick access to new content and playlists and interaction with your audience. For example, you can control your space, answer calls, and so on. It offers many customizations and products tailored to your needs.

Highly interactive 24/7  customer support

Interact with support for any queries, questions, and clarifications. Amazon Amp features 24/7 support teams ready to handle any issues you may have when using the service.

Receive featured shows

The platform gives you access to weekly featured shows for new album releases, hottest songs of the week, and enticing playlist options tailored to your listening and DJ tastes. Improve your playlist by adding new songs, performing music, and several classics in your live playsuit. You can even receive recommendations from your callers and add them to the list.

It's free

The Amazon Amp app is free to download and use. You can enjoy creating and mixing live radio shows online for free using the Amazon Amp service. Share your DJ skills with other talents and grow your community without paying additional costs.

How do I get an invite code?

We'll have limited capabilities while in test mode (beta), and you'll need an Access Code to listen to or create shows. If you want a code, you can get it in one of three ways: by downloading the app from the App Store and joining the waitlist, subscribing to the Amp Newsletter, and following the @onamp_ on social accounts. The app is still developing, with new features tested daily. You can become a part of the Amazon Amp community by creating a beta account and having your ideas and suggestions credited to the final product. The Amazon community has friendly guidelines that help ensure a safe, interactive space for everyone. Sadly, if you're not living in the US, this app is not for you, as the service is only going through its final development stages.

Can I make money from the app?

At the moment, it is not possible to monetize your content, but the app developers are working to introduce updates in the coming weeks.

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