VR Changing The Way We Trade Stocks

Personal technology is a field that is changing more and more rapidly by the day. New gear and applications not only are changing our own lives but the entire economy as well.
VR Changing The Way We Trade Stocks
VR Changing The Way We Trade Stocks

With the growing stock market more ripe for the taking than ever, it is no surprise that the newest advancements in technology would look to capitalize on it. No set of gear embodies this futuristic takeover more than Virtual Reality (VR). Glimpse Group, an influential umbrella company in the technology field, is looking to make a splash with VR not just in the gaming and health sectors, but Wall Street as well.

Virtual Reality and the Stock Market

Virtual Reality has been at the center of tech developers' attention and mainstream news for several years. As you may know, VR is a system that creates a simulated environment and then uses audio and visual applications to place the user in said environment. It is currently in wide use within the gaming and mass media industries but has the potential to impact fields like medicine as well. Similar technology is Augmented Reality (AR). This places computer-generated imagery into the real world that can be interacted with by the user in real-time. While less immersive than VR, AR is already making traction in industries like gaming. The global market value for VR was over $15 billion in 2020 and is expected to grow exponentially over the next decade. Companies looking to add VR technology to their business practice or portfolio are expecting large gains through Wall Street trading. Enter Glimpse Group, a large umbrella holding group looking to ride multiple VR ventures up the stock charts.

Who is Glimpse Group?

Glimpse Group is a Virtual and Augmented Reality platform company that has ownership in 10 VR and AR subsidiaries. They were founded in 2016 and are comprised of about 50 developers and other employees. They are based in Manhattan, New York. Some of their AR holdings include companies like Early Adopter which looks to provide VR technology to children at K-12 schools. Another is Immersive Health Group who uses VR applications in nursing facilities and other healthcare areas. They also have holdings that operate internationally, such as Glimpse Turkey. Glimpse Group entered public trading in July of 2021 at an initial public offering of 2,012,500 shares of common stock. This trading resulted in a gross income of over $14 million. This move branded Glimpse as the first public, pure VR/AR software company on the NASDAQ market.

How Virtual Reality Will Change Trading

Beyond being a lucrative trading option for consumers and corporations, Virtual Reality may provide us with a completely new way to trade stock. Similar to how VR helps players visualize gaming in a new dimension, it can help traders see market data the same way. Glimpse Group has recently acquired a VR developer called D6, which was created by a former Wall Street analyst. The business focuses on helping analysts visualize stock market charts, metrics, and other data in a 3D environment. This setting will allow them to work without exterior distractions through complete immersion. Imagine being able to physically walk into a stock chart and manipulate its features to your preference. It will be able to help clients who aren't professional traders better understand the data through visualization. While many see having to wear a large headset while combing through numbers and stocks as cumbersome, Glimpse sees potential. Their investment in D6 combined with a strong IPO may help propel this service into mainstream use. Many things that once seemed like science fiction are now part of our daily lives. Virtual Reality is no different. There are so many uses for this technology from putting the user into a free-for-all video game, construction teams walk through a site before it is developed, and even surgeons practice on virtual patients. With all of these uses, it was inevitable that VR would break into a field as lucrative as stock trading with the potential to forever change it. 

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