Top Sustainability Startups To Watch Out For In 2022

Environmental conservation measures, by all means, need to be stepped up a notch higher to realize a better world for future generations.
Top Sustainability Startups To Watch Out For In 2022
Top Sustainability Startups To Watch Out For In 2022

And, what better way of doing it than to embrace environmental startups striving to rescind the environmental degradation already done? All over the world, there is a steadfast commitment to preserving mother Earth in a bid to combat climate change and achieve environmental sustainability.

Dealing with climate change has become a focal point for all the efforts geared towards conserving the environment. While consumers are getting more enlightened on the needs and actions required to achieve sustainability, businesses, on the other hand, are endeavoring to attune their products to be environmentally conscious.

As the efforts towards realizing sustainability gain momentum, innovations are catching up to lend a helping hand; for example, coffee houses are now adopting recyclable straws over the usual plastic. Environmental startups are following suit and are revolutionizing their core business operations and working principles to go green as part of their main agenda.

The Correlation Between Business and The Environment.

The connection between the economy and the environment is undeniable, and both have a mutual bond that goes years on end. While most businesses often try to care for the environment, their activities knowingly or unknowingly cause more harm than good, resulting in devastating ripple effects.

Consequently, the effects of climate change rage on, causing abnormally high temperatures, poor air quality, and natural disasters that are unmistakable for the brute impact of businesses on the environment.

If human activities are left unchecked, the environment will reach an unsalvageable point, without any capacity or hope of dealing with global warming challenges. Luckily enough, we aren’t there yet! There’s still room for rigorous and unwavering commitment to achieving environmental sustainability.

Examples of these efforts include environmental startups aimed at creating positive environmental change. Below is an overview of five key environmental startups that envision environmentalism as the foundation of their business.  

Top 5 Sustainability Startups To Watch Out for In 2022

1. Skeleton Technologies

This startup is committed to manufacturing high energy and power density ultra capacitors — energy storage gadgets. These are highly efficient in storing electrical charges and can be used in locomotives. This approach is environmentally conscious since there is lesser emission of waste streams, unlike in traditional batteries.

2. Bakeys

It’s estimated that nearly a whopping 40 million plastics are disposed into bins yearly in the United States. Due to the harmful resins making up the plastics, it’s challenging to incorporate them back into the environment since they are detrimental to animals and plants.

Therefore, Bakers — an Indian company, has revolutionized ordinary single-use plastic into edible cutlery. Their cutlery comprises flour and natural ingredients, including rice, wheat, sorghum, and millet. Among the items produced are forks, chopsticks, and spoons.

3. Cirrus Shower

While we are accustomed to the traditional shower, which, need I say, consumes insane amounts of water, there’s a new invention — Cirrus Shower, that significantly saves water by nearly 75 percent. This is an atomized water system and environmental startup that uses CloudMaker technology to convert the ordinary shower into pressurized mist.

Cirrus Shower is an absolute marvel, particularly where clean water is limited. On another angle, heating water using conventional means such as burning fossil fuels contributes to a greater carbon footprint and adversely affects air quality.

4.Bowery Farming

Bowery Farming is an agricultural-based project focusing on vertical farming  — farm produce is grown in smart farms or industrial indoor spaces.

Bowery Farming offers cities a better place and chance to source fresh local goods, unlike other areas openly prone to pests, pollutants, or adverse weather. Furthermore, Bowery Farming keenly follows the produce from seed to storage, ensuring quality and safety before even reaching the market to consumers. Buying local produce outweighs buying from large corporations due to the availability of fresher and healthier foods.

5. Holganix

Holganix is an organic fertilizer-producing startup that uses various bacteria species and fungi to generate fertilizer. This startup focuses on the Integrated Pest Management approach to combat environmental degradation through eco-friendly pest control measures.

While using chemical pesticides is undoubtedly an efficient way of killing pests, it leaves a trail of destruction to living things, including water sources, air, and soil, unlike organic fertilizers. In addition, Holganix leads to improved soil health, more potent plants, and reduced water use.

The above environmental startups are some of the technologies you should be on the lookout for in 2022. Each is committed to contributing to realizable positive changes, from plastic waste management to renewable energy. Although each has a different approach to addressing the environmental concerns and making a mark on the industry, all have one goal — to achieve environmental sustainability.

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