Top 10 technology podcasts

Podcasts are a great way to learn new skills and knowledge from experts, just like these top 10 podcasts we've listed for you. If you're interested in specific aspects of technology, the following podcasts will be an excellent resource for you. They cover social media marketing, graphic design, finding startup funding, and more! You can also subscribe to their shows on iTunes or Google Play Music.
Top 10 technology podcasts
Top 10 technology podcasts

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1) Over The Air

Expert guests on the IoT are brought to the audience of Very's podcast IoT, Connected Devices & the Journey. Every week, Very CEO Ryan Prosser meets with senior executives to talk about their mistakes, the lessons they've learned, and what they wish they had known before they began their IoT journey. You can expect some shocking information and unpopular views from guests from around the world in every episode of Over the Air. You can use their experiences as inspiration and teaching moments. If you consider starting an IoT business, this episode will be a value bomb.

2) Thoughtworks Technology Podcast

The Thoughtworks Technology Podcast covers all of the current technological trends. Every podcast episode delves deeply into some of the hottest subjects in the IT sector that may have captured their interest. You will learn about all the next technological advancements and their effects on the market from the panel of renowned technologists. As a result, this podcast offers useful information to help you choose a job in any technology area. Expect one podcast every two weeks.

3) Accidental Tech Podcast

The Accidental Tech Podcast, with its straightforward premise of "three nerds discussing tech, Apple, programming, and loosely connected subjects," is like having a terrific conversation with your closest friends about recent buzzworthy developments in the tech industry. Tech-related topics like e-readers, apple goods, and phishing scams are covered in episodes. Additionally, each of the three hosts is an expert in Apple goods. Because of this, Accidental Tech is regarded as the top podcast for Apple technology. One episode per week is accessible.

4) How I Built This

The NPR podcast "How I Built This" highlights the tales of business owners who have achieved incredible feats and expanded their companies beyond their wildest expectations, typically over a long period. Episodes are interesting and enlightening due to the interviewing technique and the guests' and hosts' levels of sincerity. Additionally, most stories contain concepts and lessons that businesses of all sizes may use.

5) TEDTalks Technology

The top academics and inventors in the world today are showcased in TEDTalks Technology, where they discuss their innovations, stage visions, TEDx events, and other related events. These podcasts and other relevant videos are available on for free download. This includes interactive English subtitles in up to 80 different languages. Instead of discussing things already beyond their prime and old-fashioned, these individuals are working to create technology that will alter the future.

6) Back To Work

One of the most popular podcasts among listeners is "Back to Work," which discusses how technology, employment, and people interact. Suppose you have a keen interest in business, technology, and leadership. Fans appreciate how they combine all of the issues to make them applicable to audiences today. Additionally, they're funny.

7) Reply All

A well-known name in tech podcasts is Reply All. This one, though, is not limited to technological subjects. Reply All focuses more on the experiences of those attempting to navigate this contemporary society. The focus is largely on how technology has improved or negatively affected these people's lives. As a result, this podcast offers useful information to help you choose a job in any technology area. Every two weeks, one podcast is posted.

8) All-In with Chamath, Jason, Sacks & Friedberg

Veterans in the field, pathological gamblers, and friends Chamath Palihapitiya, Jason Calacanis, David Sacks, and David Friedberg discuss anything related to business, technology, politics, social issues, and poker.

9) Lex Fridman Podcast

The Lex Fridman Podcast delves into privacy, security, artificial intelligence (AI), and cybercrime to examine the social effects of technology. Anyone wanting to learn more about how technology operates and affects society should listen to this podcast. Don't be shocked if he starts talking about life and everything that comes with it. You can always count on an entertaining, engaging, and educational listening experience.

10) Dark Net Diaries

Jack Rhysider, the host of the Darknet Diaries podcast, takes viewers on a journey through the dark web. Although there are many myths about the "dark net," this podcast helps dispel them so that everyone can comprehend them. Rhysider utilizes his podcast to discuss contemporary issues, including cryptocurrencies, botnets, hackers, and internet privacy.

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