Top 10 Apps For Investing

Investing is a slow but sure way to build wealth over time. In the past, investors had to do a lot of research to make good decisions. But today, many powerful apps and software can help you find an investment plan that aligns with your interests and goals.
Top 10 Apps For Investing
Top 10 Apps For Investing

Investing apps are usually categorized into a few different groups. Some app developers specialize in creating portfolio management solutions for individual investors. You should also check out these apps if you are looking for an excellent app to track your finances. Top 10 Apps For Investing:


Robinhood is the cheapest app available for investing. There are no commissions, and trades can be made for free. The Robinhood app allows you to buy and sell stocks, ETFs, and options. You can also do some basic research, although it is limited compared to other apps. You can make $3,000 worth of free trades per month with the Robinhood Gold subscription plan, which is highly customizable depending on your trading needs.


Turbo is a good app for investors looking to make quick trades. It only charges $1/trade. The app also offers a fast and easy-to-use interface to which you can get accustomed rather quickly. The app is available on iOS and Android devices and provides solid support for trading cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, etc.


If you don’t want to deal with the hassle of buying individual stocks or funds, the Acorns app is ideal for you. Acorns allow you to invest small amounts of money from your bank account manually and automatically. The app rounds up all the spare changes in your checking and savings accounts and invests them in a diversified portfolio. Acorns also offer no-fee access to hundreds of exchange-traded funds (ETFs).


The Stash app is for you if your investment needs are more complex. You tell the app how much risk you are willing to take on, your goals, etc., and it builds a customized portfolio accordingly. The app also offers financial experts and articles to help you keep your investment knowledge up to date. Stash offers low-fee access to many ETFs, mutual funds, and individual stocks.

M1 Finance

With M1 Finance, you can invest in individual stocks, ETFs, bonds, and mutual funds with a single account. You can also move money from one investment to another quickly. The app is easy to use and has a good user interface. All of your holdings are consolidated under one easy-to-access place on your phone. M1 Finance doesn’t charge any fees for trades, which is quite rare among similar apps.

Ninja Trader

Ninja Trader is a robust investment app that allows you to make decisions on your investments without doing any research yourself. The app does not require any complicated setup; it allows you to start trading as soon as you download it. The Ninja Trader app includes advanced charts, technical analysis tools, and many other useful tools and widgets.


Wealthsimple is an excellent app for high-net-worth individuals. It offers automated investing, which monitors your portfolio and invests money in the best places possible. The app is available on iOS and Android devices and has a personalized interface allowing you to make all your investment decisions right from the start. Wealthsimple doesn’t charge any fees for trades, which is also rare among similar apps.


Betterment is a classic online financial advisor and automated investing tool. It allows you to invest money in the stock market or bank savings accounts. The app allows you to track your investments easily, generates investment plans for a wide range of needs and goals, and offers access to no-fee ETFs. Betterment only charges 1% of your assets, so it’s cheap compared to other apps.


If you are looking for an excellent option to help manage your investments in a spreadsheet, the Wealthbase app is perfect. It allows you to import your investment accounts, brokerage accounts, and other financial information into an easy-to-read spreadsheet. You can then use the app to track your net worth and performance over time. Wealthbase only charges $4.99 monthly if you subscribe to the service and does not charge any commission fees for trading stocks or ETFs.


FutureAdvisor is a good app for adding and managing your investments. It has features you would expect from a full-blown financial advisor and offers detailed information about your investments. The app has an intuitive interface and allows you to research any stock, fund, or ETF you might want to invest in. FutureAdvisor comes with an extensive library of articles and tools that will help you get started investing as quickly as possible.

There are thousands of apps to help you make better investment decisions. With all of these options available, the best thing you can do is try out various apps and find one that fits your investing needs. Regardless of which app you choose, it would be best if you continued working hard to build a solid financial future.

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