TikTok rolls out interactive elements for in-feed ads

This week, TikTok announced the worldwide release of new interactive add-ons with in-feed ads, allowing brands to create more engaging ads. The company says that users can now use interactive add-ons to engage with others through stickers, popups, and similar visual elements.
TikTok rolls out interactive elements for in-feed ads
TikTok rolls out interactive elements for in-feed ads

Brands can access two kinds of interactive add-ons: standard of premium. The standard add-ons allow users to achieve lower marketing goals, such as starting conversations and driving clicks. For example, a brand can use a standard voting sticker to encourage audience participation in a quiz or poll or collect feedback. Premium interactive add-ons, on the other hand, are best for higher marketing goals, such as community building and brand awareness. One example of a premium add-on is a pop-out showcase, giving brands the tools to spotlight products for sale using a pop-out element to encourage clicks.

What is New?

TikTok discussed the benefits of interactive add-ons in a blog post, stating that they catch user attention in a "uniquely innovative and exciting way" and encourage engagement. According to the company, 57% of viewers are more likely to search for a brand's information after connecting with the business on TikTok. Interactive add-ons serve as an extension of a brand's creative ideas, providing flexible tools that encourage viewers to engage when they come across the ad.

The worldwide launch of interactive add-ons comes just a few weeks after TikTok's new Creative Agency Partnerships University program; the five-week study aims to help creative agencies become "TikTok experts," teaching enrollees everything they need to use the platform for their marketing efforts. These two announcements allow agencies to position themselves on TikTok better to reach its desired users.

Standard Add-Ons

Display Card: Visually showcase a message to users. Gift Code Sticker: Users can click for a discount code and copy it before making a purchase. Voting Sticker: Leverage the community for input. Countdown Sticker: Add additional information over an upcoming release ad, or add an air of mystery.

Premium Add-Ons

Pop-Out Showcase: This image element can drive product clicks. Gesture: With a swipe, a user can gain reward credits. Super Like 2.0: This allows additional visuals after a user likes an ad.

How Interactivity Increases Engagement

TikTok's new creative ad enhancers allow brands to add interactivity for increased ad engagement. According to the company's blog post, viewers who have shared a TikTok brand video are 150% more likely to buy one of their products or services; adding these elements will only increase that interaction. Interactive ads drive engagement, and that increases conversion to sales. The best interactive marketing makes users feel like they're being entertained rather than marketed to. TikTok remains one of the most downloaded apps in recent history, making it a valuable advertising platform. In addition, the self-serve platform makes it straightforward for brands to give it a try.

Brands targeting a younger audience can advertise on TikTok, but the platform isn't just for teens anymore. Its core demographic includes: 25% of American users are aged 10 to 19, and 22.4% are aged 20 to 29. Most people have a positive opinion of TikTok. Women are more than 60% of the share of users. TikTok is used all over the globe.

How Much do Tik Tok Ads Cost?

There isn't a simple answer to how much it costs to run an ad on TikTok; like with most advertising platforms, the reality is that it depends on the type of ad, a brand's bid, and the nature of the market itself.

Like other social media platforms, TikTok advertising depends on a bidding system. In other words, the market is competitive, and a brand always competes against other companies for particular audiences and specific placements. That means if someone is willing to spend $1.25 and another person is willing to pay $1.26, the second person wins the bid and the placement.

TikTok helps advertisers optimize their bids, meaning they offer bidding settings for a business to increase its ad deliverability. However, this arrangement comes with a downside; ads might cost more than a company wants to spend on them. It is possible to set a bid cap or otherwise adjust for "lowest cost" results to prevent this scenario. But, of course, limiting an advertising budget can result in lower-quality clicks or placements that aren't suited to drive the intended actions. The cost of self-serve in-feed ads is similar to what a business would expect from traditional social advertisement; a minimum of $20 per day per ad group is required.

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