The Top 10 Trending Remote Apps You Need To Start Using

Remote work can be quite tasking. Remote Apps come in handy as virtual solutions to make it way easy for you to follow up on your work while out of the office.
The Top 10 Trending Remote Apps You Need To Start Using
The Top 10 Trending Remote Apps You Need To Start Using

Remote apps can be classified into numerous categories based on their functionality. Read on for an intuitive look at some of the most revered remote apps you may consider for your work.


Slack goes a long way in easing remote communication vital for your workflow. This app is built to have every chat feature you would need for steady and efficient communication while at work. It allows its users to utilize multiple channels and servers based on their preferences. Slack also conveniently allows for screen sharing and video chats. Users may also transfer and share vital files, have polls in chat, pin important messages and utilize the timestamp feature.


Zoom is ideally suited to ease remote communication between members of large teams. Zoom is able to host up to 100 individuals on the same video conference with impeccable quality. Users can switch between video and audio with great ease. It also conveniently allows users to record meetings and broadcast them in the future. The screen share and chat feature also add to its utility. Zoom is trending widely for being extremely user-friendly and having affordable plans.

Microsoft Teams

This app was ideally built for video calls, allowing for remote communication between colleagues. Its utility is evident in its elaborate group chat and file sharing features. Users may even comment on the shared files. The app is able to host up to 20 people on the same video call. Its compatibility with many other applications makes it the ideal consideration for a variety of remote jobs. It integrates office 365 into its platform for added functionality.


Dropbox is well suited to remote work in terms of file management. The app is ideally free and accessible, adding to its attributes. It gives a limited amount of space for file storage and sharing. The files may be shared with colleagues, edited, and re-saved platform.

Google Drive

Google Drive is widely available across all of Google’s platforms. This app incorporates numerous other apps to increase its versatility. Google drive is based on the individual's Google account. This app allows the users to save and share different files formats. You may save and edit spreadsheets or store and share videos, PDFs, photos, and presentations. The interface is pretty easy to use and uses SSL encryption to protect the stored files.


TeamWeek gives you the ability to remotely plan your work in a manner that is visually presented. All team members with access may view the calendar remotely to stay updated on planned activities. The app has an appealing design and is intriguing to use. It serves as both time management and project management tool meant to improve work efficiency.

Time Doctor

Time doctor is prescribed to those intent on their time-costly habits. The app helps the team keep track of assigned remote work and even has alerts to remind them to stay on task. It allows you to remotely monitor employee activity and their time expenditure while at work. Additional features like multiple device connectivity, project management, budgeting, and measuring productivity add to its viability as a remote work app.


Asana has a proven track record for offering competent project management solutions for many big business firms. The app has a professional and user-friendly layout that makes it the ideal consideration for organizing project activities for large teams. The app has a wide range of diversity when it comes to integration with other apps. It encourages teamwork and collaboration to improve productivity and efficiency.


Todoist is the perfect companion app to help ensure productivity. The intuitive app uses a smart feature to keep track of everything on your to-do lists. It is able to work both offline and offline to ensure a steady workflow. The app also fosters team collaborations, given its team-friendly framework and ease of use. This app helps individuals prioritize their work in a logical manner to guarantee peak productivity.


The forest app aims to improve productivity by fighting phone addiction to allow for more focus on work. Our phones tend to have a lot of distractions that take us away from vital daily tasks. The forest app gives people credits that are used to turn the world green by planting forests globally. This app can be installed on your teams’ phones to teach them to spend more time focused on vital work projects. The above mention remote apps are revolutionizing remote work, which has become a necessary part of our work lives today. If well incorporated into our work, these apps guarantee to improve productivity and efficiency.

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