The Hottest Promotional Times Around The World

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, consumers did most shopping sprees online. 
The Hottest Promotional Times Around The World
The Hottest Promotional Times Around The World

The restrictions made it difficult for people to go out freely and plenty of physical stores closed down insignificantly. Not to mention, there was a contagious virus that had yet to be controlled.

Think about it, why put yourself at risk when you can buy items online and have them shipped right at your doorstep? On top of that, people were extremely bored after months of being at home and wanted to feel like there was something to look forward to—like shipments arriving. 

So, when the hottest promotional times came around, online sales skyrocketed. Items easily sold out and, sometimes, the websites even crashed. 

If you weren’t one of those people who did their fair share of online shopping in 2020, here are some interesting dates around the world that might get you started with your own online shopping experience this year.

US’s Black Fridays to Cyber Mondays

Black Friday is a holiday traditionally observed by the United States. It’s just an informal name for the Friday that comes after Thanksgiving Day, a holiday observed by Americans. It was only recently—about three to four years ago—that Europe started to observe this holiday. 

For Americans, apart from the day after Thanksgiving, it’s known to be the busiest shopping day ever. 

This is ideally the day that people buy gifts for Christmas because businesses all over the country drop their biggest sales—some even give up to 90% off. Everything’s a steal, and you wouldn’t really miss it if you want to save up on costs on gifts. 

And it was no different for online shopping. 

Brands went all out with advertising their biggest sales, and people were sure to mark their calendars. By the time Black Friday came around, everybody already had items in their cart ready to be checked out. 

Europe’s 12.12 Christmas Bonanza

Black Friday’s not the only day where businesses practically give away their products. In Europe and other countries in the world, there’s also the Double 12 shopping day. 

Being so close to Christmas, people are eager to spend to their heart’s content. It doesn’t matter whether they’re buying food or clothes; what matters is that they’re willing to spend money, and 12.12 is just the perfect day for that. 

It’s considered the biggest day for online shopping in The Netherlands, Belgium, and Austria.  

It’s also popular in Southeast Asia, apart from the many dates to remember. Once December 1 hits and year-end bonuses are deposited into bank accounts, there are no stopping people from pre-listing items in their cart in preparation for the 12th of December.

Australia’s Click Frenzy

The Click Frenzy in the land down under is not so different from Black Friday sales. In fact, it was actually based on the different gimmicks of Black Friday. 

However, it’s not a holiday. It’s a sales initiative that invites several retailers to offer their best deals and promos on particular days. And instead of being just a one-day shopping frenzy, it happens multiple times each year—it happened three times last year alone. 

Global and local brands join hands during this initiative and offer more than 4,000 deals each time. As a shopper, you can expect all of your favorite brands to drop their prices, making you go on a shopping frenzy. 

It’s definitely not something you want to miss out on. 

This year, the Click Frenzy will first run on April 20, 2021, for 53 hours. With more than 2 days to buy products, you better have your list ready. 

Southeast Asia’s—Almost—Monthly Sales 

Last, but definitely not the least, is Southeast Asia’s monthly sales. 

E-commerce platforms had gained popularity even before the coronavirus took over the entire world. Only now, with the pandemic, it’s become a household staple. 

It was only recently that Lazada and Shopee—two of the most popular e-commerce platforms in that area—started having monthly sales. It started with the sales on 8.8 and continued to 9.9, and eventually, everybody just anticipated that with every double number, there’s going to be a sale.

And true enough, it did continue. 

From 2.2 and 3.3, Southeast Asians are again filling up their carts in preparation for 4.4. And it’s not just for these e-commerce websites. Brands and even airlines also have their own sales on said dates because everybody’s just willing to spend their money on the things they can now afford. 

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