Ring has Announced new Features

Ring cameras have become increasingly popular as a piece of new smart home technology. Here are some of the new features you can expect from the product in the coming years.
Ring has Announced new Features
Ring has Announced new Features

Ring has always been at the forefront of making your life easier by giving you more control over your home security. Your security will get even better with the new features it recently rolled out.

Ring Alarm and Ring Alarm Pro

The Ring Alarm and Ring Alarm Pro come with an inbuilt eero Wi-Fi 6 router to protect your network, and its coverage spans 1500 square feet and works inside and outside your house. The alarm comes with all its accessories and an instruction manual inside its box, and you can easily install it by yourself. You can also get a technician to install it professionally.

The Ring app gives you total control over your Ring security system. It lets you check and manage your home’s security even when away from home using your mobile device. Ring app notifies you whenever it detects in your house, for instance, when a door or window opens or a new device signs in to your home network. You can link your Ring alarm to compatible third-party devices such as eero extenders and Amazon Alexa devices.

Ring dispatches emergency responders when your Ring alarm detects unusual activity that threatens your home security, such as a break-in. It is advisable to add video doorbells and Ring security cameras for enhanced security.

Ring Alarm Pro Security Kit

All your Ring Alarm Pro system components come as a single kit. The kit consists of a motion detector, base station, keypad, contact sensor, and range extender. You can place the motion detector in any room to get a notification when it senses any motion. You can also position the contact sensor on any window to get alerts whenever someone opens it.

Ring Alarm Pro guarantees to give you real-time alerts about everything peculiar that is going on in your home. Its fast internet and network security ensure all devices remain uncompromised. In addition, it also offers backup protection whenever your internet is down or when you have a power outage. If you want to expand your Ring security system, you can purchase extra motion detectors, contact sensors, range extenders, and keypads separately and connect them to your base station. They are compatible with Alexa-enabled Echo devices and Ring video doorbells and cameras.

Ring Protect Pro

Ring Protect Pro offers real-time professional monitoring all day with reliable backup Wi-Fi internet and video recording. You get 3GB of data at the beginning of every month to keep all your devices online. If you exhaust it before the month ends, you can purchase additional data at only $3 per GB. Ring Protect Pro supports local video storage on Ring Edge and comes with eero Secure to protect your devices, network, and personal information from online threats. It also offers 24-hour professional monitoring for your home. Besides theft response, you also get emergency fire and medical response. The Ring security system gives you flexibility with your subscription. Your Ring Protect Pro subscription gives you monthly coverage. You can opt-in or cancel your subscription anytime you wish without commitments.

How to Control Ring Alarm and Ring Alarm Pro

Install the Ring app on your Android or iOS mobile phone or tablet and connect your system. You can use it to arm or disarm your system anytime from anywhere. If you are indoors or your phone or tablet is away, you can also use your keypad to control the system. Ring Alarm and Ring Alarm Pro have three modes of operations to control your home security: Home mode – by default, this mode arms all contact sensors in and around the perimeter of your house. Away mode – by default, away mode arms all motion sensors and contact sensors in and around your house. Disarmed mode – by default, the disarmed mode disarms all your security devices. You can come into and get out of the house without any security alerts.

Backup Protection

Are you experiencing a power outage or internet downtime? Worry no more because Ring is here to ensure your home security remains intact. The Ring Alarm Pro comes with a backup battery to keep your security going. However, the internal battery limits you to accessing only Alarm features (these are also sufficient for your home security). You can also purchase Ring power packs separately for external backup power. A fully-charged power pack lasts for hours and lets you access all security features. It can also extend power to your eero 6 Wi-Fi extender for extended Wi-Fi coverage. With the Ring Protect Pro plan, you can use its cellular data when you cannot access Wi-Fi. You can use this data to connect your security devices to the internet. Ring resets your cellular data every month and automatically switches back to Wi-Fi mode when your internet connection comes back.

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