Pinterest Has Added AR Furniture Shopping To Its App

Selecting new furniture items may seem to be a maze. While browsing Pinterest, you may think to yourself, "Isn't that chair a touch too big?" You do not have to worry now. The use of augmented reality by retailers and technology companies are growing. People may use their phones to overlay a virtual image over a real-world and pre-view the item.
Pinterest Has Added AR Furniture Shopping To Its App
Pinterest Has Added AR Furniture Shopping To Its App

Pinterest has long served as a virtual repository for interior design inspiration. With AR, users may soon be able to see how an item looks in their homes before purchasing. Pinterest has worked with huge retailers to make over 20,000 products accessible. Pinterest already has a similar feature for beauty goods. Now, furniture items will be shoppable as well. Do you see anything that would look wonderful in your home?

You may get it immediately if you like. Pinterest now has a new product category with the support of well-known shops. This might be vital for marketers and Pinterest's millions of active users worldwide. The feature will also make buying and advertising on Pinterest simpler.

What Is the Purpose of Introducing Augmented Reality?

This is not the first time AR has been utilized to enhance the online purchase experience. It has boosted the amount of shoppable pins on Pinterest from 14,000 beauty pins to 80,000 home décor pins. The Advantages of Augmented Reality in Ecommerce: Lowering consumer turnover rates, Much greater conversion rates, Much greater conversion rates, Providing customers with an interactive experience

How Is It Operational?

Users may move and alter the product in order to obtain a better feel of how it will seem in person. Additionally, users may click the Pin to get to the retailer's checkout page. Pinterest's choice demonstrates consumers' increasing comfort with comparable technologies. With Lens, users can point their phone's camera at anything and get results for similar goods. Lens searches climbed by 126% year over year in 2021, as did the number of consumers shopping on the platform. When shown with Try On-enabled pins, buyers are five times more likely to make a purchase.

In a larger sense, Pinterest's feature corresponds to the direction of tech trends. According to consumer trends, 40% of consumers prefer purchasing online. 46% said they would never shop without their mobile—a figure that rises to 50% among Gen Z and millennials. Linking Pinterest's role as a visual search engine and tool with commerce is a logical next step.

The Try-On Program at Pinterest

The platform's AR program aims to enhance the purchasing experience. It will enable users to envision the furniture in their own homes without leaving the app. This aspect will in turn encourage sales. According to Jankowski, this is just the beginning, as he anticipates the site's home décor category becoming fully AR-enabled one day, as well as the addition of more companies in the coming year. Everything Pinterest does is geared toward moving the platform into the twenty-first century, while also innovating and assisting users in making really unique and informed choices.

Purchasing, according to Pinterest, includes more than merely picking an item. It's all about generating fresh ideas and engaging with prospective clients. Despite the addition of a bevy of new e-commerce services, the social networking platform has made a concentrated effort in recent years to entice customers after a steady loss in monthly subscriptions. The decrease was predicted, given that the majority of consumers conducted almost all of their buying online during the peak of the COVID outbreak.

Pinterest has a significant amount of e-commerce-related items, which drew millions of buyers to the site at the epidemic's peak. People are loving shopping offline due to the increasing reopening of physical businesses. Pinterest hugely benefited from the pandemic and has surpassed 100 million active users. The firm presented itself at the time as a virtual shopping mall, which was a huge success. Naturally, when genuine businesses reopen, reality kicks in. Due to the pandemic, millions of people now expect mobile options for product testing. This is why Pinterest is trying to build options with AR to turn the site into a regular retail site.

Utilizing the AR (Augmented Reality) Feature

Using the app will be simple for folks who often buy purchases on Pinterest. At the moment, it seems as if the AR functionality is not widely accessible, but it should be in the coming days. When appropriate product pins become available, you should see an augmented reality icon. You should be able to reach the "try on your space" button after touching them. Pinterest is banking on this new feature to get some of its online customers back.

The corporation acknowledged a decline in active user growth in its 2021's performance report. Workers have been progressively reintroduced to the labor force, and enterprises are no longer run remotely. Although the AR shopping tool is now only available in the United States, Pinterest has promised that it will be available to more countries.

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