New Trending Travel App: OffTheGrid

Among the many technological advancements that have bombarded the world is a social platform that seeks to inspire and create adventurous moments for travelers around the globe. OfftheGrid is a mobile application designed to create a Tinder-like experience for travelers. Thanks to the app, traveling has become much easier as users can share and discover new destinations by browsing through the many photos and videos posted on the platform.
New Trending Travel App: OffTheGrid
New Trending Travel App: OffTheGrid

To get you started, all that's required of you is to download the app from Google Play Store or App Store. The application is suitable for people over 18 years and is accessible from any geographical location. After a successful download, a sign-in session follows where one can use their Facebook or Google account to log in. Currently, the platform does not have a profile photo verification system.

The history behind the travel app

Ethan Serbantes is the brains behind this intriguing travel application. He created the app after developing a strong desire to travel around the globe. His main objective while launching the app was to create a platform where travelers connect and share experiences with like-minded individuals. Prior to launching OfftheGrid, Serbantes discovered how people frequent social media in dire need to find vacation destinations. According to Arrivia, a travel company, many Americans rely on social platforms to discover suitable vacation joints, with the Gen Zers taking the lead, followed by millennials. According to Serbantes, social platforms such as Instagram are pretty shallow in terms of the information they provide on a particular vacation destination. Besides that, by launching the platform, Serbantes aimed to address problems incurred by solo travelers. Having taken various excursions independently, he discovered that many people have the desire to travel, but they fear traveling alone to unfamiliar destinations. Solo travelers have a tough time meeting new people; however, with the help of OfftheGrid, traveling alone is not as lonely.

The "Discover" tab

By clicking on the "Discover" icon, users can browse through photos and videos posted by other travelers. One can filter the type of posts they would like to view, whether it's photos only or videos only or both. Also, one can choose the type of content they would like to view, mainly categorized as landmarks, theme parks, activities, beaches, wildlife, shopping, food, caving, stays, and climbing. Among the filters is a location option where people with a specific location can directly search for their place of interest. While browsing through the "Discover" section, one earns coins allowing you to unlock new destinations. Like Tinder, users can vote on photos and videos on the "Discover" icon by swiping left or right. One can easily connect with people they match and arrange for meet-ups.

Share insight to travel destinations

The app allows you to post photos and videos of your travel adventures on your timeline. Your followers, who are made up mainly of people whom you may not know, will view your posts, and they may either like or comment on the post. One is not limited to posting on a trip they have made but can also post on a trip they intend to make. Viewing shared videos and photos allows travelers to decide what places to visit and plan accordingly for their trip before landing there.

Navigation routes

In any travel app, navigation routes are a vital asset in lessening the burden of having to ask around for directions from strangers. The app is integrated with Google Maps, a valuable asset in helping travelers navigate their way through familiar and unfamiliar destinations. Through the recommended navigation routes, travelers easily find good dining places, lodgings, and public transit routes. The integrated navigation routes provide accurate information and guarantee the best possible route to arrive at your destination without hurdles.

Explore tab

The "Explore" tab houses trending topics around the globe. It also has a filter icon where users can specify the category they would like to view and a search option where one can find a specific location.

OfftheGrid challenge

OfftheGrid features a travel challenge where its users are tasked with capturing the best travel shot, either a video or a photo. Users are required to upload their content on the platform, after which those with unique content get cash prizes and global exposure.


OfftheGrid is the ultimate travel companion for travel enthusiasts; however, it is essential to be extremely wary of who you chat with or arrange a meet-up with.

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