New Social Media Platform: Locket. Making Waves

Locket application is a new application on the App store that mainly shifts its attention to the IOS widgets found on IOS 14 and 15 operating systems of the iPhones and iPad devices. Locket application is topping the charts on the App Store, and its peculiar features have surprised many people.
New Social Media Platform: Locket. Making Waves
New Social Media Platform: Locket. Making Waves

The Apple App Store does the work of updating the list of top applications in the limelight and helps iPhone users discover the top and top free applications and put them into use. Locket is designed to act as a social networking feature and has been received a lot of excitement from IOS users.

Matt Moss came up with the idea of Locket for iPhone users, and it works better for loved ones living long distances apart. Not only does the application make you feel like your loved ones are close, but it also gives you a sense of belonging through the home screen's reminder.

Why Is Locket Trending on the App Store?

Matt Moss came up with an application as a present for his partner and was a side project where he intends to have daily home page reminders on his phone. For users that download the application from App Store, they can choose a photo of their choice and have it displayed on the device's widget.

Locket is effective and reliable and displays photos of loved ones without opening any application. Locket is already a favorite application to many IOS users because of its exclusive features and ease of use. The notable standout feature is how it brings close people from different parts of the globe without any difficulty.

What are the Features of the Locket Application?

The locket application has managed to top the list of IOS's most used applications because of the unique features the app comes with. Some of them include:
· Locket is easy to use and can be easily understood by first-time users
· The application puts live photos of your friends and loved ones in a widget on the home screen of your IOS, giving you a sense of belonging
· Locket application is effective in use and can be relied upon at any time
· The app saves sent photos of your loved ones, providing fond memories

Launched on New Year's day, Locket has registered over two million users and has even made it be overall number one application on the US Application Store, per Apptopia's application store data. On the day prior, Locket was the number one social networking application.

What made Locket go Viral?

Matt Moss credits Tiktok for helping him blow the application up. The trending follows after he posted videos on Tiktok and received a positive response of over 100,000 views after a couple of days. Afterward, other Tiktok users started featuring the app in creating content, leading the app to blow up even more among young Tiktok users.

Moss noted that a Tiktok user even acquired up to five million views in a single day after featuring the app in content making. While others may wonder whether Moss did a paid partnership to make his app viral, he refuses such claims.

How to Use Locket Application

· Download the application from the App Store of your iPhone
· After downloading, sign up for the application through your mobile phone number
· Next, lockets requests access to your phone's camera and contact information to enable it to function as intended
· A pop up then appears on your phone's screen that requires your permission into the contact info; declining the request leads to the application not working; therefore, it is advisable to grant permission for the application to work effectively
· Invite your friends and loved ones to join you on Locket and have a good time using the app

Also, it is fair to note that the application contains no fancy filters, stickers, or filets, and it is impossible to upload a photo from your camera roll. Locket application is designed to give you and your loved ones a real-time experience and share photos and short videos with a group of up to five people. There are big plans for Locket as the developer plans to introduce a subscription model for the app users and provide support for additional widgets, allowing Android users to taste the application and its able features.

Beyond the photo widget, Locket has the potential of growing to greater heights and being one of the favorite apps ever used among young people and other interested parties. Locket is currently on free download among IOS users, and anyone looking out to try its features should take advantage of this opportunity. While looking for extra fun and an easy way to share your live videos and photos among loved ones, take the full potential of Locket.

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