New IOs 15.4: What You Need To Know About The New Features

This is the most significant update compared to all the previous releases. In this article, we will explore and discuss all you need to know about the new iOS 15.4. Discover the new features and bug fixes below.
New IOs 15.4: What You Need To Know About The New Features
New IOs 15.4: What You Need To Know About The New Features

On March 14, 2022, Apple took another step to release iOS 15.4. This update has added more features to Apple’s operating system and upgraded the existing ones. This new update comes right after iOS 15.3.1 was released last month, aimed to improve security systems in iPhones and iPads.

Face ID with Masks

The new iOS 15.4 has added Face ID support with your mask on. This allows you to unlock your iPhone while wearing your face mask. The feature only uses a small part of your face to recognize you. The Face ID feature not only works with masks on but also works for people who wear glasses.

Stickers in Messages

Are you someone who loves using stickers? The new update allows you to add stickers in your conversations using the Messages app. The stickers are customized for your needs, including occasions like birthdays and weddings. Any expression you have in mind is covered on the stickers.

Safari Password Management

The new update has now introduced a password manager in Safari. The password manager allows you to easily access your login credentials without a sweat. It even generates passwords and autofill them for you when need be. Now you can protect your websites’ credentials easily.

AirPods Max Support

iOS 15.4 has also enhanced the use of AirPods Max. These are Apple’s new headphones. Your headphones will now use features like Automatic Device Switching and Spatial Audio. All you have to do is turn on the “AirPods Max” in the Bluetooth settings.

Group Chat Management Tools

Some chat management tools have been added to the Message app. You can now easily keep track of your conversations. The tools even allow you to mute some chats or leave a chat if you no longer want to participate.

New Translate Languages

With the iOS 15.4 update comes two additional languages that we can translate. The two languages are Italian and traditional Chinese.

SharePlay from App

This feature allows you to Share play without necessarily starting a FaceTime call. Clicking the SharePlay button will automatically start playing with your chosen contact. You’ll both listen to that music. It’ll still play on FaceTime, only that you don’t have to start the application and then play the music.

New Shortcuts Feature

There is a new toggle-down for notification inside the shortcut application. The feature allows to switch off the notification on automation. Additionally, you’ll see a new glyph icon on almost all systems when you go to the actions under shortcut.

New Siri Voice

A new fifth Siri voice has been added with the new iOS 15.4 update. You can now enjoy Siri’s new voice on this update. You can find the voice under Settings, Siri and Search, then select Siri voice under American.

New Wallpapers

We now have a new shade of green wallpaper. You can access this if you go to the Settings, Wallpaper, New wallpaper. When you select live, you’ll experience the new wallpaper. Additionally, you can download promotional wallpapers from our website.

Tap to Pay

This feature allows you to make digital payments with a simple tap on the back of your iPhone. You can now accredit digital wallet payments, including credit cards, with no additional hardware. This is mainly targeting the small business owners who will reap big. No more tapping your phone on the square readers at the retailers anymore.

Software Updates over LTE

You can now download your software updates over LTE using cellular service. Initially, this was only limited only to the 5G lines. Downloading any software is now easy, starting with the 15.4 updates with cellular data.

Podcast Update

Under the Podcast application, there is a new dropdown arrow in iOS 15.4. The dropdown allows you to filter episodes by downloaded, played, or all episodes. Initially, you’d have all the episodes, and that would be it. For example, you can see all your unplayed episodes if you filter by Unplayed.

Notes and Reminders

The new update allows you to scan text from the Notes and Reminder application. This you can do by going to your camera icon and selecting to scan text. The same applies when you open the Reminder application and click on the camera to scan text.

iOS 15.4 Bug and Fixes

Quite a several bug fixes have been introduced in this new update. Some of them include: Storage Bug fixed, PDF Safari Bug, Messages Click on the link, News widget and Today View, Improved cell connectivity.

All the features in the new iOS 15.4 are designed to give you an incredible experience with Apple. The new release is worth a recommendation. We recommend upgrading to this new version for a smooth transition with Apple.

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