Netflix Games: What You Need To Know About The New Rollout

If you're a gamer, then Netflix has just improved your options. Well, that is, if you happen to like the options that they provide.
Netflix Games: What You Need To Know About The New Rollout
Netflix Games: What You Need To Know About The New Rollout

Netflix Games is rolling out to mobile apps this week. The best part, for gamers, is the fact that it's all included in your subscription.


First, as you know now, it's included with your subscription. So there's no extra cost. If you have an active subscription to Netflix, you have access. Everything is available for gameplay.


The Android phones are the first in the list of accessible devices for Netflix Games. Afterwards, iOS will gain access. Players can play the list of these games in a tab within the Netflix application, on the phone.

World-Wide Access

The games are available in several languages. The languages that aren't available default to English. That's an exciting thing for gamers around the world.

Multiple Devices at Once

The important things for families is that everyone can play at the same time. Your entire family can play the games from different devices at the same time. This is essential for families with individual users on the account. That way, they are all able to play together.

No Minors Allowed

Kid's accounts can't play the games. If parents want their kids to play, they should set their profile up as an adult account. Note that this gives that profile access to all shows. Otherwise, parents can let the kids play on the devices with adult accounts.

Parents can use security settings on their phones to prevent the kids from accessing things they don't want them to see. It's a simple trick of the parental control settings on the device, rather than the app. But that's a tip for another time.

Off-line Access Available

One of the best parts of this app is the same as the movies. You can download the games when you have internet access. Then later, when you can't use the internet, you can play those games off-line.

The Games

For now, the available games are promising. There are two based on a Netflix series. More are coming for the foreseeable future. Here is a list of the five available at this time of the release.

• Teeter Up
• Card Blast
• Shooting Hoops
• Stranger Things 3: The Game
• Stranger Things 1984

The Stranger Things games will, inevitably, lead the pack for players. It's a strong draw to play the games that match the series that so many fans love. Since there's time until the release of the next season, this promises fans something to maintain interest in the franchise.

Games For All

The games are all designed to work for all levels of abilities. That means that all players are welcome, and will enjoy the choices that are available. When more come out, the list promises to offer a significant library.

Teeter Up

This app is a basic game for anyone. There is a hole that players must get a ball to fall into. It's like a game of pool without sticks.

Card Blast

This card game is like poker. Then, it's like a puzzle platformer. It's a fun way to spend a few minutes here and there.

Shooting Hoops

This is a basketball game with darts. It's highly addictive. With goofy physics and a good environment for the gameplay, it's worth playing for sure.

Stranger Things 3: The Game

This game is a must. Honestly, if you need to, just get Netflix for the release of the next season of Stranger Things and this adorable game. The game reminds you of the eighties platformers. The game grants access to the town of Hawkins and the adventures of the characters.

Stranger Things 1984

The game is similar to the other one. This adorable platformer allows players access to the world of Hawkins, and the adventures ensues. It's another reason to sign up for Netflix.

The Future

What the future of the app list is, you won't know. It hasn't come up just yet. When it does, though, come back and see what other fun games they add to their list. Considering the Stranger Things games, the future is promising.

Access to Acquisitions

What you can know for now is the access to acquisitions is great. The reports for now say that the future releases will range from casual gamer, to hard-core shooters. All them promise a vast library of both themed, and basic games. The tie-ins from their franchises is  an obvious plan, which promises a bright future for subscribers.

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