Linktree + NFTS: What you Need to Know

Recently launching a new NFT (non-fungible token) service is popular Linktree, a launchpad for creators and artists to build Web3 brands and communities. While NFTs are the latest trend in the blockchain industry, millennials and investors spend millions of dollars to purchase digital assets.
Linktree + NFTS: What you Need to Know
Linktree + NFTS: What you Need to Know

After partnering with OpenSea and MetaMask, Linktree developed features to enter the blockchain marketplace, providing its users a secured environment to buy and sell content. If you are a creator or blockchain user, continue your read to learn more about non-fungible tokens and the company’s new service.

What is an NFT?

NFT is an acronym that stands for a non-fungible token, a digital asset that serves as an object, such as art, videos, game items, and music. You can purchase NFTs online using cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin and Ethereum. In 2021, the marketplace for non-fungible tokens reached over $41 billion in total value. Instructor Donna Redel at Fordham Law School explains an NFT purchase as “a code that reveals images, known as crypto, digital assets and an art format”. Remember that what you are buying is ownership or property rights and not the copyright or trademark of the digital asset offered in a blockchain.

On Linktree, users can access Ethereum tokens by clicking the MetaMask link and downloading the MetaMask Wallet. Using the wallet is easy on your desktop/laptop, mobile phone, or tablet. You can send, receive, and purchase cryptos and collect NFTs over the blockchain. Supporting transactions in an anonymous and secured setting, you can store your NFTs in the wallet and connect with the OpenSea marketplace.

Three New Features for Connecting to the Web3 Blockchain on Linktree

NFT Gallery is a link to display your non-fungible tokens and connect your MetaMask Wallet. It allows you to view and purchase NFTs on OpenSea and interact with global digital art. Under your Linktree background, there will be a verification badge for each NFT listed on the platform.

NFT Lock is a feature that locks your links utilizing a smart contract address. As the owner of a non-fungible token, you are the only person who has the authorization to unlock the link when adding your wallet to prove ownership.

NFT Community allows creators to connect Web2 audiences to Web3 projects, the fairly new blockchain with opportunities. Presently Linktree has over one billion visitors each month, with over one million artists creating approximately 90 million visits to providers last year. HBO, LA Clippers, Shawn Mendes, and Selena Gomez are examples of global creators, artists, and brands using Linktree.

Benefits of NFT Gallery Link

Create up to six NFTs in your gallery. Develop an anonymous identity using your art. Style your Linktree background. Build your online Web3 brand. Grow your followers and encourage communities.

How Linktree NFTs Work

In the NFT marketplace, you will probably have to purchase Ethereum cryptocurrency. After you sign up to Linktree as an artist, your NFT will feature in the gallery. Adding the OpenSea URL archive renders the preview with the option to connect your MetaMask Wallet for ownership verification. Another option allows you to connect your wallet and select up to six NFTs for display. When clicking on the link, buyers can view and purchase your non-fungible tokens.

After connecting your MetaMask Wallet on Linktree, you can use your NFT as a profile image or background. Once your verification is complete, your NFT will display in a hexagonal frame that separates it from your profile images. Users wanting to view and learn about NFTs listing can click the link. OpenSea and Metamask partnerships are strengthening the verification process for Linktree users, including artists, NFT enthusiasts, investors, and brands. OpenSea is the first and largest Ethereum blockchain for NFTs and crypto-collectibles internationally. You can sell your paintings, photographs, or music on the blockchain that functions as a non-centralized digital ledger to secure asset transactions.

Blockchains permit users to facilitate digital units exchange value for collectibles, birth or death certificates, property deeds, and object identities on the IoT (internet of things). Integrating non-fungible tokens into the Linktree platform is a strategic move for Linktree to expand its services. The new features enable you to easily display your stylish NFTs and build a community focusing on ownership. You have the opportunity to monetize your art forms and build a digital identity. Partnering with OpenSea, the world’s largest digital marketplace for collectibles and NFTs, validates that Web3 is continuously growing worldwide.

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