Learn About The Top Apps Of 2021

Can you imagine android apps never existed over a decade ago? It's hard to do so.
Learn About The Top Apps Of 2021
Learn About The Top Apps Of 2021

Android apps are today a crucial part of our daily life. In 2008, the Google play store launched more than 50 apps. The store has grown remarkably, and as of 2021, it had over 2.8 million apps. These apps have incredibly revolutionized how we travel, communicate, play games, work, and watch TV.

So do you want to learn about the top apps of 2021? Definitely yes! Read this article for more insight.
What are the Top Apps of 2021?
Our list of the best and top 8 apps of 2021 are:
1. TikTok
2. Instagram
3. Glitch Video Effects
4. Duolingo
5. Call of Duty
6. Google Stadia
7. Google Maps
8. Ablo

We'll discuss each of these top apps of 2021.

1. TikTok

TikTok tops our list of top apps of 2021. It's a social video app that enables you to create short videos, from dancing to songs. You can also create a short video clip of anything you like or that excites you. The app started gaining popularity in 2020 when the Covid-19 virus pandemic was looming. TikTok got over 2 billion global downloads on Google Play and App Store by April of 2020. That made it the best and most downloaded apps.

In 2021, the app registered 656 million downloads, beating all other apps. However, you should note that the US government is investigating TikTok for possible security threats and its doubtful privacy practices.

2. Instagram

It's a social platform that enables you to share photos and videos. This app is easily one of the globe's best and most-used apps today. It received around 545 million downloads by the end of 2021. The app also boasts around 1 billion active users, 71% aged below 35 years. An average Instagram user browses it for around 53 minutes a day. Statistics show that many global brands use Instagram as a handy marketing tool.

3. Glitch Video Effects

This top app of 2021 received over 50 million downloads on the Play Store. Users can take photos, edit videos, and apply visual effects. In addition, this app features 100+ real-time filters and effects, with the most popular ones being:
• Retro VHS
• Shadow
• Xray
• Neon, etc.

Glitch Video Effects app also lets you import videos from your gallery, add filters, alter the aspect ratios, and export videos with high resolution to any social media platform such as:
• TikTok
• Instagram
• Facebook
• Snapchat
• IGTV, etc.

4. Duolingo

Duolingo is an educational app that enables you to learn a foreign language. It has 300+ million users, making it the most downloaded education app globally. The app offers a high user engagement rate thanks to the gamified learning sessions added.

You’ll find Duolingo, with 98 different language courses offered in 38 languages. The app mixes various methods like:
• Pronunciation
• Sentence reading
• Images-words matching
• Voice recording
• Phrases formation by ordering words, etc.

5. Call of Duty: Mobile

This is a popular mobile version video gaming app that got the attention of quite many people. The app registered 172 million downloads globally during the first two months of its release. It’s a first-person shooter game with over 14 million reviews in the play store with a 4.3-star rating. So if you ever get bored, consider downloading the Call of Duty: Mobile gaming app.

6. Google Stradia

Google Strada is a video game streaming service app. The app is versatile as it allows you to play games on laptops, desktops, phones, and TV screens.

It acts as a core on which you can:
• Manage your Google Stradia account
• Set up your game controller
• Make in-app purchases
• Review your captures
• Play video games

Play Store offers this app free of charge, but the games offered have distinct prices.

7. Google Maps

Statistics reveal that Google Maps is amongst the most popular apps in the US with the most incredible audience reach. It helps users find or travel to places they're unaware of without getting lost. Besides that, this app comes with sports features like a speedometer, incognito mode, speed trap reporting, and traffic incident reporting. These features make this app even more useful. The app also regularly receives new features to help you determine the most eco-friendly way to travel. They also enable you to see crowded locations and routes while giving you the best alternatives.

8. Ablo

Able is a communication app dedicated to connecting you with the world. In other words, it lets you chat and make video calls in real-time with other people around the globe. Its objective is to help you interact and learn more about another country’s culture. You can also practice a foreign language or connect with people you can travel with worldwide. More than 10 million people have downloaded the app.


2021 saw millions of apps launched on Google Play store and app store. These apps have had a vital impact on our everyday life, from entertainment, work, travel, interactions, etc. The above are our top 8 apps that got the attention of many people worldwide in 2021. We picked these apps based on their relevance to their users. Considering their roles, these tops will for sure continue growing and becoming the best in the future.

Disclaimer: We may link to sites in which we receive compensation from qualifying purchases. We only promote products and services that we believe in.

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