Is Instagram The New TikTok?

Social media platforms have recently become very important for businesses, which makes using social media in marketing essential. With over 1.5 billion active users, Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms. Now that social media is more important than ever; business owners are looking at ways to use these platforms to their advantage.
Is Instagram The New TikTok?
Is Instagram The New TikTok?

"TikTok is the latest app to make waves in the social media world. Released in September of 2018, TikTok has gained worldwide recognition at an alarming rate. But what are its features, and how does it compare to Instagram?". Many people who have been looking into this question saw that TikTok is not only limited to one platform but has various features that would be impossible for Instagram to replicate.

Is Instagram The New TikTok?

The first thing you need to know about TikTok is that it is not a copy of Instagram. The creators of both platforms went to great lengths before the launch of their respective platforms to ensure that their specific features were implemented. It is unlikely that TikTok will ever overtake Instagram in terms of popularity.

The features on TikTok and Instagram are pretty different, each having its purpose. TikTok is a video and music content-based platform where people can shoot videos and share them with their friends. The content posted on TikTok mainly consists of short clips that are usually humorous. On the other hand, Instagram is more suited to cataloging the user's life using photos. Also, since it is known to be more severe than its younger sibling, Instagram isn't considered as cool as TikTok by most people. It is a significant difference between the two.

The most prominent differences between the two platforms are that Instagram is known to be a platform with many comments because of its features and features. In contrast, TikTok is more trendy, as it has more followers. Since Instagram caters to nostalgia, users who were on Instagram when it was introduced will still be on Instagram now. It, in turn, makes them the primary audience of Instagram. On the other hand, since TikTok doesn't cater to nostalgia, those who only began using TikTok recently will not be as likely to become active users on the platform. Also, the users of TikTok are more likely to have an iPhone or Android device than Instagram, which is known for being a website for its Apple iPhone users.

Another difference I noticed between the two platforms is that there is a way to find where people are from on TikTok and Instagram, as you can see from their respective websites. It can be helpful when businesses want to advertise their product by having actual users test their products before they go out in the market. Also, since both platforms offer video messaging and photo sharing, video messaging is better suited on TikTok than on Instagram. Another feature on Instagram is a map feature where you can see where people are traveling right now based on their posts. It is not a feature on TikTok but is still essential for marketers who want to advertise their products.

Finally, I would like to mention that neither TikTok nor Instagram is better than the other. They both serve their purpose, and it is up to you to find which one suits you better based on your needs. This article will help you better understand what they both have and how they differ so that you can decide which platform suits your business the best.

Similarities between Instagram

Similarities between Instagram and TikTok: Each platform has grown immensely over the past years, with more than 1 billion monthly active users currently active on the two platforms (Instagram – 1 billion, TikTok – 800 million). Instagram has more features that are aimed to help the users of their platform; its main focus is on the photo and video sharing, which is why its homepage contains different options such as resharing posts, posting photos and videos, taking "moments" with a filter or playing with the Instagram Live feature. On the other hand, TikTok focuses more on short videos and music content; it allows users to share videos up to 15 seconds long. It also offers music uploads to stream along with their videos. As of now, TikTok even has different genres, such as trendy music and country music.

The user base of both Instagram and TikTok is predominately between 18 and 34 years old. Instagram users are mainly in the United States, followed by Mexico and Brazil. On the other hand, TikTok has a more international audience, with most of its users being from India and Indonesia.

Most of the users on Instagram use it for socializing or self-promotion. Its primary focus is on the sharing of thoughts and ideas. On TikTok, however, more individual creators share their content through short videos or music clips. In this way, TikTok can be used to introduce new content to the users who follow such creators.

TikTok is not just a video-sharing app but also a social media app where users can create and share their "TikTok videos." The app is available on all major platforms in the market, such as iPhone, Android, Windows Mobile, and web browsers. TikTok is also the most significant music content sharing app with the most active users in India and Indonesia. Besides music, TikTok can be a marketing tool for all businesses by creating custom videos or combining photos and videos. This way, companies can strengthen their presence on TikTok by using their videos or images instead of sponsored or pre-made videos. Furthermore, using their images or photos that include themselves and their brand allows them to engage more audiences while promoting their brands since they can share the experience through the post.

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