How real is the BeReal app?

How does the BeReal app work? It can be tough to talk to someone about what's on our minds. Worse, it can be just as hard to be honest with ourselves when we're feeling down. After all, it's not always easy to admit what we're going through and ask for help. But the truth is that reaching out for support is one of the bravest things a person can do. It can also be transformative.
How real is the BeReal app?
How real is the BeReal app?

That's why we now have the BeReal app, designed to make it easier for people to reflect honestly on their lives and connect with others when they're ready. The app is completely free. It's available for iOS and Android. All its users sign up using Facebook, so you don't have to be a member of a club, organization, or anything else. The BeReal app is not a replacement for professional therapy; rather, it's your be-yourself friend who will help you out through the ups and downs of life.

How real is the audience on BeReal?

It allows you to better know those around you through deep conversations and thoughtful questions. You can use BeReal to look for your significant other or if you want to make new friends. The platform also requires users to connect to their Instagram account, meaning users can be found by their followers.

Why should you use it?

Being authentic is something that I believe is valued highly by this generation. Social media has created a space where people can choose which parts of their lives they present to others. The smartphone app is designed to help individuals take control of their online reputation and identity, allowing them to establish and maintain a more authentic presence. The app allows users to post pictures of themselves on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter under the pretense that they are related in some way to a real person. In essence, users 'fake it' by posing who they think they are versus who they are.

Once posted, the images will connect to the user's verified social media profiles, allowing users to view their social networks and timelines. The app then has the user set a purpose for each person in their 'family' of fake identities, for example, a gym fanatic, a foodie, an aspiring politician, and so on. Once set, users can create 'territories' that allow them to engage with other fake profiles within the network. For example, if a user posed as a 'foodie,' their territory may be restaurants, allowing others to post pictures of their food. Additionally, users can track their social media trends and influence based on the amount of territory activity around them. Furthermore, BeReal aims to be the hub that connects all aspects of digital identity, from public and private social media accounts to online purchases to medical records and insurance information.

Some of the best features of BeReal

Being real is the central concept of the app. The app also allows users to publicly declare their current relationship status and verify their identity by a third party using public information like Facebook and Twitter. The user then picks a category to be posted in, such as 'Influentials,' 'Iced out,' 'Cuddlers,' and other categories. The app has an API (application programming interface) that updates the information and images posted to Instagram, Twitter, and Flickr. It also has a Facebook application that allows users to post their BeReal to Facebook, automatically tagging it with their real name. Furthermore, the app has a blog on Tumblr that posts the most popular BeReal photos daily.

This approach gives a more personal view of the user, focusing on the person, not their social media account. The idea is that each user takes control of their own life, and the app gives them the tools to do so. The app has only been available in English and French, but the developers are working on a more international version to be available soon. Even more interesting about the BeReal app is its ability to affect a user's social media life without making them jump through hoops. It allows users to show their real personalities without being confined to the character limitations of their characters on Twitter or other social media platforms.

Should you recommend it to others?

The desire for authenticity is important, and this platform is an interesting way to explore this concept. It would be best if you used BeReal in the future, and ensure that you recommend it to all your friends.


In my opinion, BeReal is a place that encourages the user to share who they are honestly. It is an app that enables users to capture moments they do not share through other social media platforms, which is important to them. It is a good way to explore the idea of authenticity.

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