How New Tech Is Making Wine Cellars Smarter

Wine has been a popular drink for centuries, but the industry has undergone significant changes in recent years. Wine is made using grapes and stored in wine cellars or wine barrels.
How New Tech Is Making Wine Cellars Smarter
How New Tech Is Making Wine Cellars Smarter

Now that we have new technology, we can store wine without needing a cellar or old-fashioned barrels. Here are some ways on how new technology is making wine cellars smarter.

1. Wine Coolers and Wine Refrigerators

Traditionally, wine has been stored in barrels or wine cellars at a constant temperature and humidity. Now, you can keep your bottles of wine in a wine cooler or a mini-fridge. Some of these devices have features that allow you to track the quality of your wine.

2. Wine-Loving Apps

Cellar Door, a wine-loving app, has features designed to help you monitor your cellar. You can also track the history of your wine as it goes from a barrel through fermentation and storage to when you are ready for consumption. There are also wines in Cellar Door that you can use to pair with your meals, from cheese and apples to salad dressing. In addition, the app allows you to enter your ratings and notes, which are shared with other users.

3. Wine Cellar Cameras

If you are looking to make your cellar more accessible from a remote location and still want to keep it secure, and IP-controlled wine cellar camera may be just the ticket. These devices can be viewed from the comfort of your home or anywhere you can access an Internet connection. CellarDoor also offers a wine cellar camera that can be purchased online, controlled by your smartphone.

4. Digital Wine Thermometers

You can now purchase a digital wine thermometer that allows you to keep tabs on the temperature of your wine frequently. The device also has a backup battery so that you can use it during a power outage. Usually, the temperature is shown in Fahrenheit, but you can also get a thermometer that converts it to Celsius.

5. Smart Tags

You can use wine labels with intelligent tags to monitor your cellar’s temperature and humidity. This is a reasonably inexpensive solution for this type of tracking. These tags have sensors that alert you when changes in these conditions affect the quality of your wine. Many of these tags can even record temperature and humidity levels over time, which can help you make decisions about future purchases.

6. Home Monitoring Systems

CellarDoor offers home monitoring systems, which allow you to record your cellar temperature and humidity. Depending on your needs, you can choose an alarm system or a monitoring device. You may also want these devices for other reasons besides wine storage, like security and to help avoid theft. A home monitoring system for wine storage can be beneficial in keeping track of what goes into the cellar and ensuring that everything stored there is safe.

7. Wine Aerators

You can choose to aerate your wine using either a traditional decanter or an on-the-go solution, such as a portable aerator. Many of the newer versions of these devices offer the ability to track how much you drink and when you drink it. These bottles are equipped with sensors that can tell when you open and close the bottle. You can then use these devices to record how much wine you drink and how often.

8. Wine Bottle Displays

You can choose from various options if you want to store your wine in a display case or cabinet. Some of the more expensive options include cabinets that are climate controlled. Some displays have LED lights that can help enhance the flavor and aroma of a wine. You can also choose from other storage solutions, such as an acrylic wine rack or an oak barrel for your wines.

9. Wine Gel Packs

This is a stylish way to store wine that has been aged for an extended period. A gel pack provides the perfect environment for proper aging of your wine. Each pack contains several small disks designed to keep oxygen away from the contents, making room for more subtle changes in the aromas and flavors of your wine. In addition, you can choose from a variety of storage methods, including wooden boxes, glass bottles, and even Styrofoam containers.

Now you can store your wine collection in various ways that are more efficient and convenient than the traditional wine cellar. With the help of new technology, you might even be able to keep better track of your wine collection and store it in ways that will keep it tasting good.

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