Facebook, Instagram, and Whatsapp Were Down Around The World

Social media company Facebook, Inc. went globally for many users of its services, including WhatsApp and Instagram.
Facebook, Instagram, and Whatsapp Were Down Around The World
Facebook, Instagram, and Whatsapp Were Down Around The World

People around the world were unable to access the services after users began reporting issues with both mobile apps and problems with Facebook's website and desktop clients. Neither company has given any official word, but users have reported that they could not share photos or post new ones on any of their accounts. All three apps showed a 503 status code meaning "service unavailable." The outage experienced by FB stockholders was so widespread it made international news, with significant outlets writing about the current situation. There was speculation across the Internet that this outage would affect FB's revenue since both services would be earning nothing during this time.

The two apps have over 2 billion combined users, making it hard to believe that Instagram and Facebook could go down at once. Many were trying to log in or deleting their accounts to see if this would fix the problem, but that did not work either. Some people reported being able to use Messenger without any problems since FB also owns it. There has been no official word from FB regarding what caused the crash, but many speculate it was due to an overload of traffic trying to access one or multiple at once.

Some companies stepped in to take advantage of FB's state. Social media competitor Twitter, Inc. was posting a lot on its company Facebook page sending out tweets about how they weren't down and continuing to advertise their services as an alternative website for those who could not access FB or IG. Many people worldwide found themselves wondering how they would share photos and updates on their social media accounts for the rest of the day. Although the exact cause of the outage isn't confirmed, this is not the first time Facebook has gone down or experienced significant outages.

In July of 2015, both Instagram and Facebook went down, affecting millions across North America. Other websites under FB also went down, including applications like WhatsApp Messenger, which affected 900 million people annually. Looking forward to how much income FB will lose due to being unavailable for so many hours during business hours worldwide. Also looking forward to why FB would let something like this happen again after it happened not long ago. If FB doesn't come forward with a statement soon, people will question their company leadership.

What Was The Cause Of The Outage?

The speculations of the cause of the outage include an overload of traffic on all three websites or with Instagram specifically, Amazon Web Services crashing with one or more of these sites hosted there, or even a cyber-attack. Other websites owned by Facebook have gone down in the past, but all were back up within a few hours. This was unlike anything FB has ever dealt with before, and they still don't know what happened or what caused it to happen. FB has yet to post any word about what happened or what caused the crash.

Many speculate that FB is withholding information about what happened to avoid losing money and investors during today's market. Facebook has experienced significant downtimes and outages before but not of this magnitude. Local ISPs blocked Instagram, Facebook, & Messenger in some cases, preventing users from using the site until it was back up. This may potentially impact FB's stock's value as some people may sell, fearing a decline in revenue. People worldwide who rely on FB and IG to communicate with others could not for hours, causing inconvenience and concern about their future security online.

How Did The Public React?

Many people are still incensed that FB was down for hours without any explanation from them. Some people have been able to look past it and go on with their days after seeing the news online. Many people are worried about their IG and FB accounts security after being hacked so recently. They question if the same thing happened again or not. Many people are speculating on what happened to cause the outage and are not sure if their personal information was compromised or not. People are still talking about Facebook's global outage that was caused by the company's servers yesterday.

The problem has since been fixed, but now we hear complaints about slow load times and server issues. Not pleasant news for a top-rated social network. But then again, it is just another case of what seems to be a more and more frequent Facebook outage. This time, they fixed the problem after a few hours. There are rumors that Facebook is to blame for not investing enough in its servers. It seems that it will just be a matter of time before people realize that social media is not the best place for their personal information. This means that the company cannot guarantee the privacy of those using Facebook.

Following this outage, you must know that you have other options if one social media platform isn't working. This way, you aren't entirely reliant on one company for your success online, which can be dangerous when they have issues like this. You can build your audience and not rely solely on big sites like Facebook & Instagram through blogging, social bookmarking, paid advertising, etc. Another way is to make friends with people already successful online using your business platform and learn from them as they will most likely value your work ethic. There are many ways to reach online success, and it isn't always through one company or site.

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