A List of the Locations With the Hottest Temperatures During This U.S. Heat Wave

Read and learn about the brutal heat wave baking the United States today. Here's a list of locations with the hottest temperature records as the U.S. continues to endure a heat wave.
A List of the Locations With the Hottest Temperatures During This U.S. Heat Wave
A List of the Locations With the Hottest Temperatures During This U.S. Heat Wave

As the United States recovers from the heat wave, its effects remain. Many cities and towns across the country experienced record-breaking temperatures. With Chicago reaching triple digits for several straight days and Memphis avoiding its hottest day ever. The difference between some records was only a few degrees. As a result of this latest heat wave, our professional team, Dossier Labs, set the temperature records at the following location.


The temperature reached 108 degrees in Chicago on July 13, 107 degrees on July 14, and 108 degrees on July 15. The previous record for the hottest day of the year was set on Aug. 4, 1995, when the thermometer hit 107 degrees. Besides those records, Chicago tied its record high for June 27 (103) and June 28 (104). Since Saturday, the city has been experiencing humid weather and oppressive heat. In some areas, temperatures are still above average despite a significant drop in temperature.

St. Louis

The temperature hit 105 degrees at the St. Louis airport on Monday, making it the hottest day since the heat wave began. The previous high was 103 degrees, set on June 28. It also set a record for July 7, 101 degrees in 1884 and 1973.


The temperature reached 107 degrees in Memphis on June 30, tying the daily record set on that day in 1930. The previous record was 106 degrees on July 17, 2005.


This month's heat wave swept the United States and has broken some temperature records. The city of Nashville, Tennessee, was one of the hardest hit. The National Weather Service said the temperature reached 106 degrees Fahrenheit (41.1 Celsius) in Nashville on July 7, breaking a record for that date that had stood since 1878. That's when it reached 105 degrees F (40.6 C).

The city also set a record for the highest, most minor temperature ever recorded—an astonishing 90 degrees F (32 C) overnight on July 7. The previous record had been 89 degrees F (31.6 C) in 1876.

Peoria, Ill

If you live in Peoria, Illinois, you may feel a little heat wave-induced. Peoria is one of the locations where temperature records were set during the U.S. heat wave that began in July and lasted through August. The city saw highs of 109 degrees Fahrenheit on July 19. That's the highest temperature ever recorded in Peoria, according to AccuWeather.

The second-hottest day ever recorded in Peoria was July 19, when temperatures reached 108 degrees Fahrenheit—the third time this year that Peoria has broken its record for the highest temperature recorded in a single day.

Decatur, Ill

The temperature in Decatur, Illinois, reached 105 degrees on July 9. In 1988, AccuWeather recorded 104 degrees. According to Christopher Burt of Weather Underground, the heat index reached 115 degrees on July 9 because of humidity.

Columbia, Mo

Columbia, Missouri, hit 108 degrees on July 24. In 1954, the record high temperature for the area was 106 degrees; that high broke it by 2 degrees. There were previous record highs on July 22 and 23 in Jefferson City, about 50 miles west of the city.

Springfield, Mo

According to the National Weather Service, Tuesday was the hottest day of 2019 in Springfield, Mo. There has been no heat wave like this in recent memory, but they will remember it for years to come as one of the hottest.

The cause of this high-pressure system was unusual. A high-pressure system forms when warm air rises into colder areas, and sinks along the boundaries between the warm and cool air masses. But this time around, there wasn't much movement at all—the high-pressure system stuck around for days without letting up or moving anywhere else.

Huntsville, Ala

The temperature in Huntsville, Ala., reached 105 degrees on July 17, breaking the city's record of 102 degrees in 1954. Summer months and afternoons were the best times for setting the record. During this time of year, heat waves are common as they last from April to October and can affect any part of the country.

According to NOAA's National Centers for Environmental Information, this heat wave broke more than 1,900 records for daily most considerable temperatures across the U.S.

Jonesboro, Ark

Jonesboro, Ark., hit 106 degrees on Tuesday. The temperature is the highest recorded in Jonesboro and the highest recorded in Arkansas in July. That's not all: It's also the hottest temperature ever recorded in July in the United States.

The heat wave has ended, but the damage is not over. The hot temperatures have caused problems in several states across the U.S., such as wildfires and water shortages that require time to resolve. Ensure you work together towards a more sustainable future with reduced greenhouse gas emissions to reduce global temperatures and human contribution to climate change. Please contact us at Dossier Labs for more information.

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