Intellectual Property

How do I know if I have intellectual property?

How do I know if I have intellectual property?

Companies are always looking for new ways how to increase their competitiveness. Achieving this goal is possible through the protection of their Intellectual Property.

If it is a unique and original work which was created by you or created specifically to you by a third party, and if its object is not merely an idea you already have intellectual property. But the main question is whether such creation can be protected and what would be the means for its protection.

Basically, you have intellectual property if you:

  • Created, designed or invented it (and it meets the requirements for copyright, trademark, patent or a design);
  • Bought or received an intellectual property right from a creator or a previous owner in any other legitimate way;
  • Have or would like to have a brand that can be trademarked;
  • Your brand or logotype, creation, design and/or invention is first of all and foremost original.