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Intellectual Property Services

In order to stop people stealing or copying your inventions, names of your products or brands, design or look of your products, and other artistic things you make or produce, you should have the right type of intellectual property protection. We do not advise to seek legal protection on your own. Instead to avoid misunderstandings leading to intellectual property protection failure specialized advice should be sought.

Dossier now offers the easiest and quickest way to protect your intellectual property. Our team will support and guide you through the whole process.


Design search will ensure that your new design will not infringe any existing design registrations. A registered design protects the overall appearance of your product.


Before registering a trademark, search whether it is available for use at all. If yes, register your trademark with us. We will protect your trademark from infringement.


Without patent anybody can claim your invention. Protect your business and invention by filing patent application form to make sure that your invention stays yours.

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