What’s The Best Smartphone Under $300?

The best smartphone under $300 is an affordable device with features that give you the best gaming, streaming, and browsing experience.
What’s The Best Smartphone Under $300?
What’s The Best Smartphone Under $300?

Since this category has an assortment of devices, it can be challenging to choose one that meets your needs. In this article, you will read about the features of select Android devices under $300. At the end of the article, there is a buying guide to help you choose a good phone, just in case you don’t find it listed here. Keep reading for more information.

Table of Contents:

  1. Nokia G10 | Android 11 | Unlocked Smartphone
  2. OnePlus Nord N200 | 5G Unlocked Android Smartphone U.S. Version
  3. Samsung Galaxy A12 (A127F) 128GB Dual SIM
  4. TCL 10L, Unlocked Android Smartphone
  5. Nokia 1.4 Go Edition
  6. Buying Guide

1. Nokia G10 | Android 11 | Unlocked Smartphone

Nokia G10 is the best smartphone under $300, especially when providing a long battery life of up to 3 days. That means you wouldn’t have to recharge the phone for a long time.

It has a 6.5-inch screen with a brightness boost that adjusts according to the environment to give you clear viewing. You can use it to view messages, photos, videos, and in-game graphics without losing any details.

A triple camera is convenient in helping you capture your family’s best moments from every possible angle. It’s also possible to explore advanced imaging modes, especially if your photos look more vivid.

Nokia considers this a phone for tomorrow following the inclusion of two years of upgrades and Android 11 OS, the latest in its class.

The Nokia G10 is an unlocked smartphone, allowing residents of the United States to use it on most network carriers, including Mint, T-Mobile, AT&T, and Verizon. Besides, it’s a dual-SIM phone that allows you to enjoy services from two of these carriers at a go.

Its security features include a side fingerprint sensor and secure face recognition, preventing unauthorized access to your details.


  • It has a long battery life
  • Its screen is large
  • Auto brightness boost
  • Dual SIM


  • It could be slow
  • It doesn’t support 4G

2. OnePlus Nord N200 | 5G Unlocked Android Smartphone U.S. Version

If you’re looking for an affordable way to upgrade to 5G, the OnePlus N200 is the best option. You can get high-speed 5G internet via Google Fi and T-Mobile network carriers. With that, you can download files, stream TV shows, and browse the internet at break-neck speeds.

It has a 6.49-inch full-HD touchscreen that immerses you fully into your favorite video games, TV shows, and movies. Thanks to the available 5G connectivity, you won’t experience any breaks while live streaming films and other videos  The screen provides a 90Hz refresh rate, faster than the standard 60Hz, giving you smooth home screen scrolling and navigation.

With a large 500mAh battery, you get all the power you need to browse, play graphically-intensive games, and watch hours of TV. When the battery dies down, you use the phone’s 18W fast-charging, quickly getting you up and running.

The OnePlus Nord N200 comes with 4GB RAM and 64GB storage, which you can expand up to 256GB. It can, therefore, power and store photos, games, videos, TV shows, and movies without slowing down. 

If you like taking crystal-clear photos, this phone makes it easier for you by including a 13MP Triple Camera System. The macro lens helps you take great personal images with the possibility of turning them into black-and-white shots.


  • A 5G ready phone
  • Full-HD touchscreen
  • It has a large battery
  • A large expandable storage


  • Some claimed phone is locked
  • A little too heavy

3. Samsung Galaxy A12 (A127F) 128GB Dual SIM

With the Samsung Galaxy A12, you can use phone services from virtually any network carrier. It is an open international model compatible with MetroPCS, AT&T, T-Mobile, and other network carriers. However, it doesn’t work with Boost, Verizon, Cricket, and other CDMA carriers.

It has a 6.5-inch 720 by 1600 HD screen plus TFT LCD Infinity-V Display. With that, you can watch movies, play games, and browse the internet. The phone has a 5000mAh battery, which is large enough to use it for any function you might have. Recharging this phone is faster, thanks to a robust and fast charger.

The side-mounted fingerprint reader provides secure access to the phone. It prevents intruders from reading confidential information. With 4GB RAM and 128GB ROM, the phone has large-enough storage to carry all your files, photos, videos, and games. It has an Octa-Core Cortex-A55 processor that works with Android 11 for snappy operation.

The Samsung Galaxy A12 comes with a 48MP F2.0, 5MP F2.2, 2MP F2.4, 2MP F2.4 front camera, and an 8MP F2.2 rear camera. Wireless connectivity options include Bluetooth 5.0 and Wi-Fi connectivity. The phone operates on the 850GHz, 900GHz, 1800GHz, and 1900GHz 2G bands. It also has 850GHz, 900GHz, 1700GHz, and 1900GHz 3G bands. The 4G bands for this particular phone include 1, 3, 5, 7, 8, 20, 28, 38, 40, and 41.


  • It is open to all networks
  • Includes a large battery
  • 128GB storage
  • 4G ready


  • Not compatible with Cricket

4. TCL 10L, Unlocked Android Smartphone

The TCL 10L is an unlocked smartphone, which you can use with several network carriers, including T-Mobile and AT&T. On Verizon, the smartphone is only suitable for use on the LTE network. That’s because it is a CDMA-less device that requires activation before you can receive messages or make a phone call on Verizon. But that doesn’t mean it’s a lousy phone.

It has a quad rear camera system with dual-LED flash that includes a 48MP high-resolution, 8MP super wide-angle, 2MP macro, and 2MP depth cameras. The front camera is a 16MP affair that captures your selfies beautifully for sharing with your networks.

The TCL 10L is ideal for storing large files, videos, and games thank its 64GB internal memory, which is expandable to 256GB via micro-SD. It features a Qualcomm Snapdragon 665, Octa-Core processor, and 6GB RAM for snappy performance while browsing, watching movies, or playing games.

With this phone, you will enjoy the power of an NXTVISION 6.53-inch full-HD-plus, Dotch LCD, which provides sharper details and vibrant images. You can get vivid graphics from your games, photos, and other apps while enjoying true-to-life color accuracy. This screen removes the guesswork from your precious time for entertainment.


  • High-quality cameras
  • Large storage
  • Snappy performance
  • Vivid display


  • It does not work with Verizon

5. Nokia 1.4 Go Edition

The Nokia G 1.4 is an Amazon Choice product, a testament to its quality and reliability. If runs on Android 10, which is fast and snappy. Its is no wonders that the manufacturers call it the “Go Edition.”

If you’re looking for a phone with reliable battery life, the Nokia 1.4 is what you should buy. When fully charged, the battery can last for up to two days, making it one of the most reliable in this price category.

It is an unlocked phone compatible with multiple networks carriers, including Mint, T-Mobile, and AT&T. For those using the Verizon network, this phone isn’t consistent. So, you are better off with a phone that works on that network.

The Nokia 1.4 comes with a triple camera system that allows you to capture photos and videos from multiple angles, leaving out no detail. Besides, you can use the phone’s built-in advanced imaging modes to tailor your photos to your specific needs.

Thanks to its 6.51-inch screen, the phone is good enough for streaming TV programs, browsing, social media, and gaming. Besides, it has a brightness boost, which provides you with clear viewing regardless of what you’re using it for.


  • Multi-network phone
  • 3-day battery life
  • 6.5-inch screen
  • Features Android 11


  • Not compatible with Verizon
  • Slows down

Best Smartphone Under 300 – Buying Guide

With the best smartphone under 300, the pricing factor is no longer an issue. Therefore, you have to consider other factors when deciding on the phone to purchase. Even though some of these factors are more important than others, all of them play an important role in helping you make a choice. the following are the factors you should consider.

Screen Size and Resolution

Most of the smartphones featured in this review have a screen size of at least 6.5-inches, which is big enough for browsing, playing games, and watching movies. Most of the screens are Full-HD, providing you with vivid graphics no matter the function for which you’re using them. The quality of the display also issues and may include options such as LCD, TFT, IPS, and Super AMOLED. Each of these display types comes with advantages and disadvantages, making it necessary for you to give them a good assessment.

Processor Type

The performance of a smartphone dramatically depends on the type of processor inside. A phone with a good processor is snappy; it opens apps quickly and is responsive during gaming sessions. In the past, only expensive phones had the best processors. That’s no longer the case with the cheapest phones featuring fast Octa-Core processors that provide seamless operation. Always check the type of processor a phone has, especially if you want to watch videos and play games.


Since the infusion of the camera, smartphones serve more functions than just making calls. A phone with a good camera provides vivid images and videos, making it possible to capture all angles in a given situation. A camera system with at least three lenses is standard for a modern smartphone. However, you may find some phones with a quad rear camera system for detailed images. Currently, a 48MP primary camera is typical for smartphones. For the front camera, anything between 13MP and 16MP is good enough to provide you with crystal-clear images.

Battery Life

Smartphones run on batteries. Having a phone with good battery life is a must for those who want to use their gadgets to watch videos, play games, and browse the internet for longer. At the very least, the best smartphone under 300 should have 24-hour battery life. With that, you can use the phone for a whole day before recharging it. However, if you go off-grid for long periods, consider buying a phone with a two-day or three-day battery life.

User Interface and OS

What operating system does the phone use? Most smartphones under $300 utilize the Android operating system. The only difference between them is the version of Android in use. While some smartphones still use Android 10, others have the latest Android 11, considered futuristic. Make sure you choose a phone with a good, fast, and snappy operating system.

Storage Size

It is always good to pick a phone with enough storage for your files, videos, apps, and games. Currently, most low-price smartphones have a storage size of either 64GB or 128GB. In most cases, the storage is expandable by 256GB or 512GB. Make sure the phone you choose has enough storage to meet all your needs.

Security Features

Would you want people to access your phone unrestricted? Probably not! Which is the reason you should get a telephone only you can access. Check that it has security features like a fingerprint reader or iris scanner. With these features, your phone is secure.

Best Smartphone Under $300 - FAQs

What is the best phone under $300?

The best phone under $300 has all the features you like. Even though it might not be from a specific brand, it should have a screen that’s large enough, a snappy processor, and a long battery life.

What phone should I buy?

The phone you buy should meet your browsing, streaming, and gaming needs. It should have the best combination of battery life, display, storage, and processor. All of these elements should come together ideally for great results.

What smartphone is best?

The best smartphone shouldn’t necessarily be expensive. It can be an under $300 smartphone with features that give you what you need. The decision boils down to you as a buyer. So make sure you choose well.

Which Android smartphone is best?

The best Android smartphone depends on many factors, including the processor, storage, display, and battery life. It should be one you can afford and still enjoy the best browsing, gaming, and video streaming experience.

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