The Top Smart Watches To Help Keep You Motivated

Resolutions are easy to craft and tough to follow. However, you can have a few tech tools to help you track your progress and keep motivated. A smart watch is the best tool you can have to master your resolutions. First, you can have it everywhere you go.
The Top Smart Watches To Help Keep You Motivated
The Top Smart Watches To Help Keep You Motivated

Most resolutions aim at increased productivity. Therefore, you need to keep fit through physical exercise. You'll need to set aside time for all the activities, and a smart watch will help you track the time. Watch manufacturers have made smart watches to meet your daily needs. Some will even monitor the calories used to manage your calories intake. Below are the top Smart watches you can use in 2022 to keep up with your resolutions. 

Table of Contents

  1. Apple Watch Series 7
  2. Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Classic and Watch 4
  3. Mobvoi Ticwatch Pro 3 GPS
  4. Fossil Gen 5E
  5. Suunto 7 GPS Sports Smart Watch
  6. Garmin Quatix 6
  7. Top Smart Watches Buying Guide
  8. Frequently Asked Questions

Apple Watch Series 7

Apple Watch Series 7 is currently the best smart watch in the market. It's a perfect watch, especially when looking for an iPhone companion. 

The phone has fantastic features such as a fitness tracker, pedometer, GPS, and messages. The features help you with your daily activities without carrying a bulky phone. Most importantly, it reminds you that you need to hit the gym-or whatever physical exercise you have in your routine. 

The smart watch is a phone on your wrist. It supports several applications such as messages, GPS, time display, pedometer, and phone alarm. It also has a music player, weather, finds my phone, voice assistant, elevation tracker, multisport tracker, heart rate monitor, sleep monitor, and fitness monitor. 

You can do everything you need in a day with your smart watch from the list of applications. Set alarms for all activities you need to do. Also, it has a larger display screen; thus, you have an easy time operating the watch. 

The heart rate monitor is helpful if you get any cardiac abnormalities. The watch tales ECG readings and sends emergency alerts. Thus, you get immediate medical attention so that you can regain normalcy in a short time. 

All the applications help you plan all your day's activities. Thanks to the reminders, you won't miss out on the crucial meetings. Also, you can track your health and fitness to keep your body and mind in their optimum state. 


  • It has a larger screen, fonts, and icons than Apple's older series.
  • It's dust resistant
  • It has long battery life; it can last a day with all the trackers running.
  • You can sync it with your favorite podcasts, music, and books.


  • It's expensive.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Classic 

If you use an android phone, an Apple smart watch will not help. A Samsung Galaxy smart watch is the best option. The watch is sleek and has an excellent user interface. 

The watch supports sleep monitors, GPS, media control, heart rate monitors, and electrocardiograms. It also has apps that gauge your BMI, Basal metabolic rate, and stress levels. Thus, it is perfect for keeping your health in check as you follow through with your resolutions. 

The watch comes in two sizes. Case size 42 mm fits smaller wrists while 46 mm fits larger wrists. Women can opt for Watch 4, which is much smaller and more feminine. 

The phone has a water-resistant rating of IP68. Thus, you don't need to take it off while swimming or doing activities involving water. 

The watch is an upgrade of the Samsung Tizen and watch OS 3. However, it retains many of its predecessors' positive attributes. The watch allows you to use Samsung's and Google's apps, and the rotating bezels will enable you to scroll through apps with ease. 


  • It has different sizes for different wrist sizes.
  • It has inbuilt Bluetooth.
  • Its rotating bezels are ergonomic and help you to scroll through apps.
  • It helps you monitor your physical and mental health.


  • The watch is as expensive as a phone.

MobVoi Ticwatch Pro 3 GPS

The Mobvoi Ticwatch pro 3 GPS is the best choice when selecting a Google's wear watch. It's made of the latest technology that ensures a long battery life. It also has a great processor that ensures a quick loading time. 

The phone is best for people who want the latest technology at a fair price. Its Qualcomm snapdragon wears 4100 processors and is the strongest tech in the market. Thus, it is durable and gives you value for your money. 

The battery lasts at least three days before it needs a recharge. It makes the watch suitable for camping, hiking, and other outdoor activities. 

The watch has a standard 1.4 AMOLED touchscreen covered with an LCD screen. The two screens ensure durability. When in ambient mode, the watch shows you the primary data such as time, date, etc.  

Mobvoi Ticwatch Pro 3 is best for monitoring your health and fitness. It will gauge your blood oxygen levels, monitor heart rate, and give you a health and exercise plans. It also improves your mental health by monitoring your sleep, detecting noise, and monitoring your stress levels.  


  • It gives you all the advantages of an advanced smart watch at an affordable price.
  • It has a higher battery capacity than previous versions.
  • You can replace the straps if you feel uncomfortable.
  • It has a high-power processor.


  • Its electrical plugs are unsuitable for use outside the US. You will need an adapter or a converter to charge it.

Fossil Gen 5E

For a long time, the smart watch market focused on men's products. However, as women joined the health and fitness journey, they needed tools to help them track their progress. Fossil Gen designed feminine smart watches to fill the market gap.

However, these smart watches are great for anyone who wants a smaller smart watch than those available in the market. Men can have the watch with 42 mm and 44 mm straps, while women can have as small as 18 mm. The watch casing can either be golden or stainless steel. Also, the straps could be metal bracelets or silicon.  

The watch supports the phone, sleep, heart rate, GPS, and calendar. It has a Qualcomm Snapdragon 3100 processor and a 1.2-inch touchscreen. Also, the watch will assist you in contactless payments and track your sleep patterns. You'll also call, text, sync your calendar, automatic time, and time zone. Thus, you don't need your phone to perform basic tasks. However, you can't use maps since its GPS support is external. 

The watch is versatile as you can use it with an android or iOS phone. However, it is incompatible with the Go edition of Android. 


  • It has different case size options for different wrist sizes.
  • You can stay a whole day without your phone.
  • It's stylish and comfy for people who don't like bulky watches.


  • The notification support for Wear OS is unreliable.
  • The Qualcomm snapdragon 3100 processors are outdated - hence slow.

Suunto 7 GPS Sports Smart Watch

If your New Year resolves to be a serious runner, then the Suunto 7 GPS sports smart watch is your perfect choice. You'll benefit from walking, running, and hiking tech found on Google's Wear OS. 

Suunto App shows you the local routes, their popularity, difficulty, time, and everything you may encounter on the way. The tips help you know the best course to use for your walks or runs. The apps will predict when the popular routes are busy. You can access over 70 sports modes, thus, suitable for all sports.

Its detectors check the heart rate, time-lapsed, burned calories, and recovery time. It also advises you when to peak a training event. 

With this Suunto watch, you can receive texts, phone calls, download music, and make contactless payments. You can also share your sports training analysis with different sports communities.

The watch helps you to balance between workouts, sleep, and recovery. Thus, your productivity and health remain at your optimum. You'll achieve too much in one year since this phone will help you strike a balance.  

It has a strong processor that prolongs the battery life. You can use the watch for 12 hours with the GPS app active. If you need the Suunto mapping apps, the watch battery will last for 7 hours. 


  • You can access several sports modes.
  • It offers comprehensive sports and fitness features.
  • It has a hard-wearing and water-resistant case.
  • It has strong software that ensures smooth performance.


  • It's more expensive than its competition.
  • It only works well for dedicated sportspeople.

Garmin Quatix 6

Despite water resistance capacities, you need to keep your smart watches as dry as possible. Luckily, you can get one specifically made for water-based activities. Garmin Quatix 6 is the best marine smart watch you can have. It's suitable for both swimming and boating activities. Also, it's compatible with Android and iOS. 

Garmin Quatix 6 has a rugged design, quickfit band system, and stainless steel bezel buttons. It connects with Garmin equipment and GPS. Thus, it gets signals to detect water depth and plots waypoints on your route. You can work with it on autopilot and display data on the above signals. 

Besides the features above, you'll also have access to a heart sensor and blood oxygen sensor. You can track activities like kayaking, golfing, running, and cycling. 

You can improve your swimming prowess with the watch since it offers a virtual starting line, tack assist, and race countdown timer. 

When you pair it with a compatible smartphone, you'll access contactless payments and a connection to the online fitness community. 

The watch is large. It has 47 mm and 51 mm case size options. You can upgrade the screen with a sapphire crystal cover to boost its scratch resistance and use solar charging when you have prolonged time outdoors. 


  • It has multiple fitness sensors.
  • It allows solar charging extensions.
  • It has large music storage.
  • It has a long battery life.


  • It's expensive
  • It has no touchscreen options
  • It's available in one size only.

Top Smart Watches Buying Guide

Battery Capacity

Smart watches use a lot of power to run all the apps. Thus, it would help if you had a watch with at least one-day battery capacity when all apps are active. However, hybrid smart watches will have a longer battery life but lack a touchscreen. 

Activity tracking

A great smart watch should track your activities and remind you when the next scheduled activity is ready. It helps to keep your life balanced. The aim is to hit all your targets, and a healthy, productive lifestyle becomes a routine.

It's even better when the Map app predicts the activities on the routes you intend to do. It aids in better decision-making. 

Fitness Features

 A great phone to keep up with your fitness resolutions should have the necessary fitness apps. It should also have sensors that track your heart activities and blood oxygen. If you need an overall health check, it should also check your stress levels. BMI, and BMR. It would be better if the smart watch could send emergency alerts when you have heart-related problems. 


A smart watch is only helpful if it's compatible with your smartphone. First, check your phone's specifications against the watch you intend to buy. If the watch demands higher specks, you can check another watch with lower specks. But if you need that watch, you should first upgrade your phone to a model that matches the watch.  

'Swappable' Watch Bands

The watch bands are as important as the smart watch features. They should be ergonomic and easy to use. Also, it should allow you to change to straps that feel comfy on your wrist. Most times, you'll use the smart watch for sporting activities. Thus, the watch band buckle or clasp should be firm.


LCD and AMOLED displays offer rich colored content views. However, they also have a shorter battery life than black and white display watches. 

Modern top smart watches have an OLED display that supports a longer battery life and a clear colored display. 

Touch Screen and Touchless 

Several smart watches are touchscreen. However, they give a challenge to selecting items on a small screen. Thus, when you go for a touchscreen smart watch, ensure it has an intuitive gesture-based interface. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Should my smart watch have GPS?

A GPS is essential if you run or walk on various routes. Thus, you need not walk with your phone when your watch can track a route. However, a GPS is not essential when your activities are centered in one place. 

Can my smart watch use my Data Plan?

When you connect your watch to your phone through Bluetooth, you'll use the data in your phone at no extra charge. However, some smartphones have independent data connections. Advantages are that you can use these phones without connecting them to a phone. 

Which smart watch is compatible with my smartphone?

Look at your phone's operating system. Apple phones are only compatible with watches that support iOS. However, android phones offer flexibility with watch OS. The only watch you can't use only operates with iOS.

Are smart watches durable?

Smart watches are exposed to several dangers. They easily get wet or knocked against hard surfaces. Thus, manufacturers have advanced them to be water-resistant and scratch-resistant. 

Will a new smart watch work with an old phone? 

If you own a phone that's less than four years old, then there are chances it will match with a new smartphone. However, you should check your phone's OS against the watch OS. 

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