The Future Of Apple’s Next Generation iPhone

Apple released iOS 15 in late 2021, but that didn't imply it was the last version of the operating system. There have been a number of upgrades to the smartphone to improve its functionality and user experience.
The Future Of Apple’s Next Generation iPhone
The Future Of Apple’s Next Generation iPhone

Apple recently released iOS 15.4, which happily appears to be a much larger upgrade for the company's operating system. It is currently available to developers before being released universally. From our viewpoint, iOS 15.4 is rather stable, while it is still a beta, so bugs are possible. As a result, it's best to hold off until the complete release of iOS 15.4 is launched in the coming days. iOS 15.4 is compatible with the equivalent devices as iOS 15, so it may be installed on an iPhone 6s or later versions. We've outlined everything you need to know about some of the new features coming to the next generation of iPhones.

Face ID Unlocks While Wearing Your Mask

Face ID was not really possible during the COVID-19 outbreak because the whole globe was suddenly covering half their faces. Apple handled this issue in the past by enabling your iPhone to open if you had your watch on, but iOS 15.4 appears to have fully resolved the problem The iOS 15.4 beta comes with a choice of Face ID with Mask located in the security settings. Face ID will "employ the distinctive characteristics surrounding the eye for authentication."

To use Face ID while the mask is still on, go to Face ID & Passcode in the settings, where an option for utilizing the feature is now available. When you turn it on, you'll be prompted to read your face once more. After you've done all of that, Face ID should unlock whenever you look at the smartphone, even if you're wearing a mask. Only the new versions of the iPhone support the function.

New Emojis

iOS 15.4 beta features 37 new emojis as well as 75 skin complexion variants for increased inclusion. A melting visage, a saluting portrait, a face biting the lips, are among them.

DualSense Adaptive Trigger Support

Users will be allowed to make modifications to the Play Station 5 DualSense controller's adaptable shutter release capability with iOS 15.4.

Universal Control

Although Universal Control is primarily a feature of iPadOS and macOS rather than iOS, it is likely to be the most significant new feature in this cycle of upgrades. Universal Control was introduced in the first test release of iPadOS 15.4. Universal Control is an expansion of Sidecar that was launched in macOS Catalina and iPadOS 13, which allowed you to set an iPad beside a Mac and relocate the mouse or trackpad cursor from Mac's edge to the iPad.

Digital IDs

This feature will allow users in the United States to connect their driving permit or state ID to the Wallet app, which will subsequently be acknowledged at TSA checkpoints in certain airports, with businesses, events, and venues likely to follow suit in the future.

Safari's push notifications

According to the iOS 15.4 beta, Apple is introducing a new push API on iOS and iPadOS to enable push notifications on the device's browser. Even though Apple has allowed push notifications on Macs for years, the company has so far declined to provide the feature on its smartphones.

Widget for Apple Cards

If you utilize Apple Card, you'll be in a position to include a widget in the Today view with the upcoming iOS 15.4. This will show you your current balance, available cash, and daily expenses in multiple categories.

SafariWebXR compatibility

This release shows that the operating system is being geared for a day when consumers will be able to link their iPhones and iPads to VR as well as AR headsets. Safari's newest beta, according to 9to5Mac, offers a developer interface dubbed WebXR. This is used to create web-based AR and VR applications.

Notes in Keychain Passwords

You can now add notes to each password you create if you use iCloud Keychain. This is a very normal function of security software, and it's great to see it finally implemented.

The Magnifier app now has new camera features

The Magnifier app may now be launched from the iPhone's side button, which could assist you in zooming in on difficult writing on labels. Due to recent camera modes coming in iOS 15.4, it appears that you will be able to switch between multiple cameras on your iPhone.

Integration of live text with notes as well as reminders

Users of iOS 15 are certainly familiar with the Live Text functionality, which enables you to capture text with your device’s camera and paste it to another application. Before, users could utilize Live Text with Notes and Reminders, but iOS 15.4 enhances this feature. In particular, a Scan Text function has been added to the pop-up menu in both apps. A camera window pops up when you click that, allowing you to record the text from a note or image. That content shows up in your Reminder right away, and you can press Insert once you've recorded all the information you need.

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