The Best Wi-Fi Routers of 2023: Buying Guide

These are the best Wi-Fi routers of 2023, chosen based on factors like speed, range, and security. Our buying guide helps you choose the perfect router to meet your needs and budget.
The Best Wi-Fi Routers of 2023: Buying Guide
The Best Wi-Fi Routers of 2023: Buying Guide

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Choosing the best Wi-Fi router for your home or office or even gaming can be a daunting task. With the myriad of options available in the market, it's crucial to understand the features and specifications that truly matter. This guide aims to simplify that process, giving you the knowledge you need to make an informed decision in 2023.

The technological advancements in recent years have made Wi-Fi routers more than just a tool for internet access. They have become an integral part of our smart homes, controlling various devices, and ensuring the seamless operation of our digital lives. From streaming high-definition videos to managing a multitude of IoT devices, the right router can significantly enhance your online experience.

But what makes a router the 'best'? Is it the speed, the range, or the number of devices it can support simultaneously? Or perhaps it's the ease of installation and use? Understanding these factors is key to identifying the best Wi-Fi routers that will suit your specific needs. This guide will delve into these aspects, helping you identify the best choices in 2023.

Factors to Choose the Best Wi-Fi Router

Making the right choice involves a balance of several factors. Your Wi-Fi router should not only meet your current demands but also cater for potential future needs. Now, let's delve into the factors to consider.


When choosing a Wi-Fi router, speed is crucial. It determines how quickly data is transmitted and received from the internet to your devices. High-speed routers ensure smooth streaming, gaming, and downloading without lag. However, your actual internet speed also depends on your ISP's plan. So, when selecting a router, ensure its maximum speed matches or exceeds your internet plan.


The range is another important factor to consider when purchasing a Wi-Fi router. It determines how far the signal can travel and cover your home or office. If you have multiple devices spread across a large area, you'll need a long-range router that can cover more ground with its signal. Routers with multiple antennas further extend coverage, ensuring no dead zones in your network.

Number of Bands:

When choosing a Wi-Fi router, it's important to select one with dual-band or tri-band capability. These routers can broadcast on two or three frequencies simultaneously. This feature ensures that your network is not overwhelmed by multiple connected devices, as each frequency can operate independently of the other. It also increases the stability and speed of your wireless connection.


Online security is a major concern for everyone these days. It's vital to select a Wi-Fi router that offers robust security measures to protect your home or office network from external threats. Look for features like WPA2 encryption and VPN support, which adds an extra layer of protection for your data and devices.


If your router will be used as the hub for multiple wired devices, consider purchasing one with plenty of ports. These include USB (for connecting external storage or printers) and Ethernet ports (for gaming consoles, TV boxes, etc.). This ensures that all connected devices are seamlessly integrated into your network.


Finally, consider your budget. The best router should offer the best value for your money, not necessarily the most expensive one.

Our Top Wi-Fi Router Picks of 2023:

1. Asus RT-AX86U

The Asus RT-AX86U comes highly recommended as a top-of-the-line Wi-Fi router for 2023 especially for gaming. Equipped with the latest Wi-Fi 6 technology, it offers exceptional speeds that are perfect for seamless streaming and intensive gaming. An impressive feature is its dual-band capability, delivering frequencies of 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz, which ensures a reliable and stable connection even when multiple devices are connected.

The router boasts a significant range, thanks to its multiple antennas, making it a suitable choice for larger homes or offices. Moreover, the Asus RT-AX86U is equipped with robust security features including WPA3 encryption and AiProtection Pro, providing advanced network security and an enhanced parental control system.

The router also comes with multiple ports, including USB 3.2 Gen 1 and Gigabit Ethernet ports, allowing you to connect a variety of devices. And for those who wish to prioritize gaming traffic, the router has a dedicated gaming port as well.


  • Wi-Fi standard: Wi-Fi 6
  • Frequency: Dual-band (2.4 GHz and 5 GHz)
  • Maximum Speed: 5700 Mbps
  • Range: Up to 2,500 sq. ft.
  • Security Features: WPA3 encryption, Ai Protection Pro

2. Netgear Nighthawk RAXE300

The Netgear Nighthawk RAXE300 is a step-up from its predecessor and stands out as a compelling choice in the Wi-Fi router market for 2023. A commanding feature of this router is its support for the Wi-Fi 6E standard, providing a bandwidth of a whopping 7.8Gbps. This allows for eight concurrent data streams, an ideal choice for homes buzzing with online activities, be it content streaming or gaming.

Although the model falls behind Netgear's top-tier tri-band router, the Nighthawk RAXE500, in terms of bandwidth and streams, it still offers a considerable 7.6Gbps speed—more than sufficient for average households. The Nighthawk RAXE300 doesn't skimp on ports either. It offers five wired Ethernet ports, a gigabit Ethernet port, and a USB-C port - perfect for sharing storage devices across your network.

What sets the Nighthawk RAXE300 apart is its diverse array of features. It supports voice commands via Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, offers parental control options, and comes with the Netgear Armor, a Bitdefender-powered service that safeguards against cyber threats on all your home devices and computers.


  • Wi-Fi standard: Wi-Fi 6E
  • Maximum Speed: 7800 Mbps
  • Streams: 8 simultaneous data streams
  • Ports: 5 Ethernet, 1 Gigabit Ethernet, 1 USB-C
  • Add-on Features: Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant support, Netgear Armor protection, Parental Control

3. TP-Link Archer AX21

If you're in search of an affordable, yet efficient and reliable Wi-Fi router, the TP-Link Archer AX21 is a worthy contender for your consideration in 2023. With a price within the $100 range, it presents a budget-friendly entry into the world of dual-band Wi-Fi 6 routers. Despite being an entry-level router, it doesn't compromise on performance. It boasts an impressive top speed of up to 1.2Gbps on its 5GHz band, making it a robust choice for small to medium-sized homes.

In our rigorous testing, the TP-Link Archer AX21 consistently demonstrated near-perfect performance. The simplicity of its setup and use, facilitated by TP-Link's Tether app, makes it an easy choice for those prioritizing ease-of-use. What sets the AX21 apart from similarly priced routers are its faster download speeds, superior range, and low latency, providing you with a smooth, uninterrupted internet experience.

The Archer AX21 also comes with a functional band steering mode that automatically navigates you between the 2.4 and 5GHz bands within a single network.


  • Wi-Fi standard: Wi-Fi 6
  • Frequency: Dual-band (2.4 GHz and 5 GHz)
  • Maximum Speed: 1200 Mbps
  • Special Features: Bandsteering mode, QoS Engine, Guest Network Control
  • Range: Up to 2,000 sq. ft.

4. Linksys Hydra Pro 6 (MR5500)

The Linksys Hydra Pro 6 (MR5500) is a standout performer in the 2023 Wi-Fi router market, particularly for those considering an upgrade from their budget routers. It is built with Wi-Fi 6 support, offering you the latest advancements in Wi-Fi technology. The dual-band AX5400 feature is designed to significantly enhance your network’s speed and overall performance, making it an ideal choice for high-data-need homes.

The MR5500 router not only promises high speeds but also delivers on them. In our speed tests, it demonstrated superior performance, underscoring its ability to handle demanding network tasks effortlessly. One of its distinguishing features is the 160MHz channel support. This capability allows the router to move data more efficiently across your network, ensuring fast-paced and smooth online experiences, whether you're gaming, streaming high-definition videos, or participating in important video conferences.

Moreover, the Linksys Hydra Pro 6 (MR5500) maintains its top-tier performance even under heavy network traffic, ensuring your connection remains uninterrupted and reliable. This router's sophisticated technology, combined with its high-speed potential, makes it a stellar choice for those ready to step up their home network game.


  • Wi-Fi standard: Wi-Fi 6
  • Dual-band: AX5400
  • Special Features: 160MHz channel support
  • Tested Speed: Excellent
  • Ideal for: Upgrading from budget routers, high-data-need homes.


The above list showcases the best Wi-Fi routers of 2023 across different price points. From budget entry-level models like the TP-Link Archer AX21 to more advanced routers like the Linksys Hydra Pro 6 (MR5500) and the Netgear Nighthawk RAXE300, there is a router to suit every need. It's important to keep in mind your home's size, internet usage requirements, and budget when purchasing a Wi-Fi router—but with this guide in hand, you'll have no trouble finding the right model for you.

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