The Best Technology & Economy Podcasts To Start Your Morning!

A new day has begun, and you wish to start it with vitality. In the morning, listening to inspiring tales about individuals who have overcome obstacles or achieved their objectives may inspire you for the rest of the week and your life. Consider starting your day with a dose of industry-specific information, such as the latest headlines, weather, and other pertinent data.
The Best Technology & Economy Podcasts To Start Your Morning!
The Best Technology & Economy Podcasts To Start Your Morning!

Each week, you may listen to hundreds of tales from individuals all around the globe by streaming podcasts on your phone, tablet, or computer. You may get insights and ideas to help you succeed at work or school, or you can explore some of life's unresolved issues. A podcast is an excellent way to get up to speed on the latest news in economics, technology, or any other subject that piques your interest on the journey to work each day.

What A Day

What a Day is a morning news podcast by the Pod Save America crew that novelist and entertainer Akilah Hughes co-hosts. Hughes and co-anchor Gideon Resnick typically cover topics that get lost in a sea of white male daily news podcasts but which yet speak to the day's most pressing concerns. For roughly 20 minutes a day, Akilah is a beacon of clarity in the din of political news, helping people make sense of the never-ending stream of junk.

TED Radio Hour

Each edition of NPR's "TED Radio Hour" is centered on a famous TED Talk and offers insights from prominent experts on technology, innovation, and leadership. TED podcasts are revolutionary and may inspire you to pursue your ambition, whether completing your degree or establishing your own company.

Macro Musings

Macro Musings is a podcast presented by David Beckworth of the Mercatus Center, a think tank at George Mason University. It examines significant macroeconomic themes from the old days, present, and future. In, monetary policy, labor markets, and other economic themes are discussed by financial experts in the context of current events.

The Daily Zeitgeist

We are not sure why The Daily Zeitgeist isn't as popular as other daily entertainment podcasts that we won't disclose. This development of the famous Cracked podcast is one of the most acceptable ways to wake up. It combines humor, the internet, politics, and pop culture news. Every day, co-anchors Jack O'Brien and Miles Gray welcome special guests to help them laugh through their suffering. While most important news stories are covered, you'll like The Daily Zeitgeist for its odd interests, such as the newest abomination to emerge from garbage fast food corporations. They mock themselves as a second-rate podcast, but we believe they are one of the finest with the word "daily" in the headline.

Planet Money

"Planet Money" is an excellent resource for staying up to date on the latest financial news and understanding why it matters to you. While discussing economic news and trends, the presenters of this podcast intersperse personal tales and expert commentary about individuals very much like you.

The Young Turks

One of the pioneers of the digital journalism revolution, The Young Turks' podcast is an hour-long version of their well-known YouTube live broadcast. With the help of influential names in the cause like former presidential contender Sen. Bernie Sanders, presenters Ana Kasparian and Cenk Uygur discuss the most important current affairs from a progressive point of view.

How to Do Everything

Listen to this podcast if you've been looking for answers to questions you've always wondered. "How to Do Everything" on NPR accepts all questions, no matter how large or little. "Half advice series, half survival guide," as the program's tagline puts it, makes it amusing and helpful. The presenters of "How to Do Everything" have you updated on everything from keeping your fries crispy to becoming a better writer.

Today in True Crime

One of the best podcasts on true crime, the Today in True Crime podcast brings listeners back to the most critical criminal and justice-related events of that day. Anita Hill's testimonial during Clarence Thomas' Supreme Court nomination is just one example of how this podcast goes above and beyond most other time-machine-style shows in its coverage of actual crime issues. Several more episodes travel back in time and worldwide to explore a broad range of criminal lore.

Conversations with Tyler

The Mercatus Center at George Mason University collaborates with Tyler Cowen, a professor of economics at George Mason University, to produce this podcast. Find out what some of today's most profound thinkers have to say throughout an hour-long talk. A wide range of issues relating to the individual, culture, economy, and the larger globe are discussed on alternate Wednesdays.

To include all of them in your routine is not possible. With so many different subjects being addressed, there's a podcast for everyone to listen to regularly.

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