Surprising tech and gadgets you can get on Amazon

Getting a run-down of cool new gadgets and technologies to get on Amazon can be overwhelming. That's why we've summed up the most incredible, unique, and innovative tech and gadgets on Amazon right here.
Surprising tech and gadgets you can get on Amazon
Surprising tech and gadgets you can get on Amazon

We've tracked down every gadget that is out in stores now or will be released soon. From phone cases to smartwatches, you won't believe what some of these devices can do! Check it out today - because who knows when these innovations will go down in price?

1. External Hard Drives

With all the data we're continually saving, we're bound to need an external hard drive, especially when your laptop is almost complete. What better way to bring your storage up than getting a spacious external hard drive? Lucky for you, Amazon offers excellent deals on some of their best external hard drives. These massive amounts of memory will help you with your storage needs!

2. Browser Extensions

Have you ever wished your browser could do much more? Well, your wish has been answered! With extensions, you can customize your browser and make it how you want. Do you like to log into your Twitter account and share a page with friends simultaneously? You can do that. Want a special bookmark button for your favorite sites, so you don't have to open up new tabs every time? You can do that too! There are hundreds of extensions out there, and Amazon has them all!

3. USB Portable Batteries

We all know that charging our devices can get expensive, but sometimes our devices need the most battery. With a portable USB battery, you can take your power anywhere. Get one for your phone, laptop, or tablet and enjoy long-lasting charges at the touch of a button! With Amazon's wide selection of USB batteries, you're sure to find the one that fits your needs.

4. Bluetooth Speakers

Bluetooth speakers are a great gift to give as Christmas presents this year. With Bluetooth, you can listen to all your favorite music on your speaker without being limited by wires. Not only that, but these speakers are waterproof! With their tiny form factor and lightweight design, these speakers can be taken anywhere you like.

5. Waterproof Phone Cases

With our constant need to stay connected while we're out and about, it's always essential to have your phone with you. What better way to keep that phone safe than having a waterproof case? Now you can take your phone with you in the bathtub or pool - why not!? With these cases on Amazon, there are some great options for you.

6. Phone Protectors

When picking out a phone protector, you want to ensure that it doesn't affect the screen or look any different from the original. With Amazon's selection of phone protectors, you can be sure that the case will fit in well with your phone and not make a big difference. There are thousands of protective cases, and Amazon has them all.

7. Speaker Bands

For those people who need music on their phones but don't want to use headphones as they may damage their phones, this speaker band is perfect! With an excellent design and unique aesthetic, these bands are made for music lovers everywhere.

8. Silicone Cases

Let's face it; some cases aren't made to protect your phone. If you've dropped your phone on the ground and it got scuffed up, these protective silicone cases might be for you! With the use of silicone, you can prevent scratches and dents on your phone. The point is also flexible and durable to fit in with any smartphone or tablet.

9. Stand and Desk Mounts

Have you ever wanted to use your phone at work? Have you ever needed an easy mount to set up and use? With a stand, your desk or coffee table will have an outlet for you to use! This will make it so that you will only need to hold your phone or get in the way of your coworkers. Get yourself a stand today because there are too many options out there.

10. Security Cameras

With the increase in crime, surveillance cameras are becoming valuable tools for everyone. Knowing what is going on around our homes keeps us protected. With the use of security cameras, we can help keep our children safe while at school. Get a camera with child safety settings and night vision to help keep you safe as well.

11. Bluetooth Headphones

Bluetooth headphones are handy for any traveler to have. Now that a wide variety of them is on the market, it's hard not to have one! With the use of Bluetooth, you can listen to music while you're driving or working. These can also come in handy if your phone is running low on battery and you want it close by but don't want the hassle of wires.

12. External Charger

Do you hate having your phone die when you need it most? If so, an external charger might be for you! With these tools, you can carry a charger with you everywhere and never run out of battery again. This is an excellent gift for anyone on your list.

13. Foldable Earbuds

Earbuds are the best way to listen to music everywhere you go. With their lightweight design and retractable cord, they are a must-have! These earphones are also cheap and come in handy for any phone. With Amazon's wide selection of earbuds, you can be sure that these will fit whatever phone you need.

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