Is The Next Age Of The Space Race Already Here?

Far from being the last remaining unexplored area of our planet, outer space is increasingly becoming explored, used, and fought over. That’s right — fought over.
Is The Next Age Of The Space Race Already Here?
Is The Next Age Of The Space Race Already Here?

What is the space race?

Humankind’s fascination with space has led to intense competition between nations to explore it further. That competition has seen the creation of some of the most advanced technology in history, alongside an ongoing battle over ownership of the moon.

The concept of the space race

The space race is back, and it’s bigger than ever this time. The space race may not be what it used to be in the 1960s when the US and Soviet Union fought to earn the title of the first nation to land a person on the moon. However, these days it’s just as competitive, if not more so, for a different reason: Science and discovery. There is a new age of space exploration, with both government and commercial entities racing to be the first.

It’s not just about creating a nation where you can have a beachhead on another planet; it’s about giving birth to the next Industrial Revolution that will power the future of humanity for centuries to come. Today, a new dawn of space exploration is upon us. Space technology is advancing quickly, and it’s more accessible than ever before. With the advent of reusable rockets, entrepreneurial spaceflight companies, and ambitious private missions and voyages, humanity may be on the verge of a new and exciting chapter in space travel.

The more we explore our universe and the secrets that it holds, we get to discover that we’ve got a long way to go before we can call ourselves an advanced civilization. The future of space travel is in the hands of a new generation of scientists and entrepreneurs. There’s an opportunity for us to explore another planet and a way to send our young people into space.

Which companies are involved with the space race?

There are now dozens of companies at the forefront of this new era in space exploration. Most are private companies, but NASA is involved in many projects as well. In the private sector, your obvious candidates are SpaceX, Orbital Sciences, Bigelow Aerospace, Virgin Galactic, and, of course, NASA’s fleet.

But there are smaller, lesser-known companies coming up to the forefront, such as Tethers Unlimited, that are developing unique technological solutions to the challenges faced by space-faring companies and organizations. One of those challenges is making more economical use of space. Currently, the space industry is mostly run on private funds from companies and private investors. Both the US government and European government agencies have acknowledged the importance of supporting private space businesses.

How private companies are driving the space race and how they are advancing it

Companies like SpaceX and Blue Origin are designing new rockets and space travel tech, while companies like Arianespace and United Launch Alliance are building rockets. There are companies focused on space-based communications, like satellite internet service providers, and companies focused on developing the technologies that will make it possible to mine asteroids and extract resources from them. Such companies include Planetary Resources Inc who announced plans to mine near-Earth asteroids for valuable resources.

The future of private companies in space exploration

Just like in the past, the people who work in the space industry are working towards making space available for the world. Some private companies are focused on exploration and development, building the capacity for human life in space. Others are more focused on space tourism. These are more on the consumer end of the spectrum. Not just individuals but also large institutions like museums, cities, and universities have already booked trips to space.

These companies include SpaceX, Blue Origin, Virgin Galactic, and the B612 Foundation. Some of the more prominent companies are thinking about the future of space travel. Boeing is one of those companies. Some are building rockets and spaceships to send people into space.

The incredible discoveries made in the quest to explore other worlds

Humans live in a golden age of space exploration. Not only have we discovered thousands of exoplanets orbiting other suns, but we’ve also sent spacecraft across the solar system to study other worlds up close. Some of these missions have even found signs of habitable environments on their targets. As a result, plans have been put in place to send more humans to the Moon, Mars, and beyond. As we venture deeper into the cosmos, it’s a fair bet that we’ll make more big discoveries along the way.

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