iOS 16: Five New Features Worth Checking Out

Apple has launched the iPhone 14 and other smartphones to the public. Likewise, the updated version of iOS 16 was unveiled with the devices. At the presentation, Apple announced that the updated software would begin rolling out on September 13. Only iPhone 8s, iPhone Xs, and later models are compatible with the latest iOS 16 operating system.
iOS 16: Five New Features Worth Checking Out
iOS 16: Five New Features Worth Checking Out

The actual release of iOS 16 comes with more information about the new features that will be available. New features in iOS 16 include the option to temporarily amend or dismiss an iMessage, a more personalized lock screen, and much more.

iOS 16 may be updated using the Settings app on an iPhone by selecting General Software Update. You will not be able to use your iPhone's new features until you update to iOS 16. Now that iOS 16 has been released; you may be interested in learning more about these five new features. Notably, the features are not presented in any particular order of significance.

Put Your Music in Full Screen Mode

With iOS 16, the lock screen music player is back on full screen, with oversized album covers and backgrounds matching the music's hues. Apple discontinued the full-screen music player on the lock screen with iOS 10 in 2016. Users who dislike the function may disable it by tapping the bottom of the screen, which will then return the lock screen to its normal wallpaper. Beta 3 of iOS 16 has a full-screen music player, while Beta 5 adds dynamic, mini-visualization images to accompany listening. Additionally, it has updated graphics for the play/pause and forward/previous buttons. Elegant and refined, with plenty of well-rendered detail, the animation is a joy to see.

Customization of the Lock Screen

Users can now create a unique lock screen experience by layering backgrounds, adding widgets, and choosing their typefaces for the time and date, among other customization options. Similarly, the images on your lock screen may be randomly cycled throughout the day, or you can pick a specific album to display. The new lock screen collection has several types of Lock Screens, such as a Nature wallpaper that displays current weather conditions in real-time and an Astronomy wallpaper that displays images of the Earth, Moon, and Solar System. With the flick of your finger, you can now choose between many different Lock Screen layouts in iOS 16.

Fitness Apps May be Used Even Without an Apple Watch

With iOS 16, customers without Apple Watches may still utilize fitness applications on their iPhones. An iPhone's built-in motion sensor powers the app's daily activity ring. Therefore, the phone can make an educated guess about how the user burned many calories and steps throughout the day. Apple introduced its new Fitness+ subscription program during its iPhone 14 announcement. Users claim it will go out to iPhones without Apple Watches later this year. Moreover, as of right now, this function is accessible in 21 different nations. The cost of a Fitness+ membership is $9.99 monthly or $79.99 per year.

You May Revoke Your IMessage or Make Changes to it Here

You may temporarily unsend or modify an iMessage and designate a discussion as unread after opening it with iOS 16. Up to 15 minutes after sending, iMessages may be edited up to five times by the sender. However, users should be aware that recipients may see a record of alterations made to the communication. You may press and hold the bubble to access a menu where you can choose to modify or delete the message before sending it. When an iMessage has been modified, the word "edited" will appear underneath the bubble.

Watch Over Your Apple Pay Orders

In iOS 16, Apple Pay now has an in-app order tracking feature that can be accessed through the Wallet app. The tracking capability applies to purchases customers make online using their Apple Pay accounts. The tracker indicates when the transaction will be dispatched and gives information on when the product will be delivered. This is a feature that will appeal to a great number of Apple lovers because it is quite convenient.

In Summary

Users will need time to familiarize themselves with all of the enhancements in iOS 16 since the feature list is very lengthy. Some elements are brand new, while others are only updated to provide the impression of novelty. In any case, iOS 16 provides a wealth of opportunities for discovery.

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