Inside The New Airpods Features

Wireless earbud technology has come a long way in a relatively short time. Come take a look at what the latest and greatest generation of AirPods has to offer.
Inside The New Airpods Features
Inside The New Airpods Features

Wireless technology has made so many advances on our mobile devices that it's reached to what we put in our ears. Now you can listen without the hassle of cords. All you need is a Bluetooth feature and you're good to go. Wireless earphones, or AirPods, are special headphones that don't require the use of cords. Airpods allow you to access any podcast or playlist using your device's Bluetooth feature. This is done by taking the set out of the charging case, tapping them, and connecting them using Siri on your iPhone.

Charging Your AirPods

One charge and your Apple AirPods can give you up to 5 hours of wireless listening time. There are ways you can charge them. For your convenience, you can use a lightning connector or a Qi mat, both of which can charge your phone within minutes.

What AirPods Are Used For

AirPods can be used for many things, including: Listening to music, Making voice commands, Making or receiving phone calls. With a few steps, you can use AirPods to make phone calls. Simply double tap your wireless set. Next, make a voice command and say the name of the person you wish to call. To end the call, simply repeat the first step.

The Many Generations of AirPods

New developments happen with new generations, and each era brings something new to the table. With AirPods, you can expect change from one version to the next, with each new pair being an improvement over the other.

The Different Types of AirPods

Different ear buds have different features while others are similar. AirPods have one thing in common, and that's that they are wireless.

AirPod 2

The AirPod 2 has features that will have you thinking trendy. Although all sets had their own case, this one has a charging case and wireless Qi charging mat to keep your batteries going. There is a hands-free voice command feature that doesn't require tapping for calls or other tasks. Your AirPod 2 is a vast improvement from the old school versions that came out in 2016. They come with their own carrying case and are compatible with some of the newer operating systems.

The AirPod 2 set features include: A good, clear voice when talking on the phone, Hands-free Siri voice command system, Can switch devices using a special iCloud software system. The latter feature is useful if you're working on your computer and suddenly have to answer your phone. This makes it easier if you're teleworking and need to speak to clients or your supervisor while looking up an important file. And a good price of $159 should be more than music to your ears.

AirPod 3

3rd generation AirPods, also known as AirPod 3, work in a similar way with only a few minor tweaks. For one, they have shorter stems and clearer sound. They are the middle sibling and the next step towards the mighty Pro version, except for a lack of noise cancelation. Still, this hot, trendy set has certain features of its own, including: Silicon-free ear buds, Longer battery life than others in its class, Has quality sound technology with Dolby Atmos.

The latter feature simulates the concert experience very well. This special feature gives you, the listener, an illusion of hearing a live show anywhere. What's more, it comes straight from the palm of your hand. The best news is that there's no ticket required. This newer version bridges the gap from the oldest to the latest, the AirPod Pro. For a price of $179, that's a steal.

AirPod Pro

We've decided to save the best for last. In this case, the AirPod Pro is the hot item that has everyone talking. It's various features include silicone ear tips, which just made a comeback. But that's only the beginning. The Pro version is custom designed for any type of ear canal. Unlike most wireless earbuds, they fit snugly and comfortably so that you won't have to keep adjusting then while exercising. Their other features are: Shorter stems, Smaller, more compact storage and charging case, Greater sound due to noise cancelation features.

The latter gives you the edge in quality sound technology. You can listen to your favorite tunes without the distraction. Not too shabby for $249 a set. These three kings take center stage where quality sound and trendy features are concerned. Once charged, your AirPod set is juiced up and ready to go.

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