I Switched from Google Chrome to Arc Browser! Here’s Why

Arc is a powerful browser that brings together the best of Chrome and the most innovative features to create a unique browsing experience.
I Switched from Google Chrome to Arc Browser! Here’s Why
I Switched from Google Chrome to Arc Browser! Here’s Why

If you're looking for a new way to browse the web, you might want to check out Arc, a browser that aims to act as an operating system for the web. Arc is not just another Chrome clone, it has some unique features and design choices that make it stand out from the crowd. Here are some reasons why you should give Arc a try.

Arc is User-Centered and Highly Customizable

Sidebar and vertical tabs

One of the most striking aspects of Arc is its user interface. Unlike most browsers that have a horizontal tab bar at the top, Arc has a vertical sidebar on the left that shows your tabs, favourites, profiles, and spaces. You can easily switch between different tabs and spaces, and even drag and drop tabs to rearrange them or move them to different spaces.

Profile and Spaces

Spaces are like virtual desktops for your browser. You can create different spaces for different purposes, such as work, personal, entertainment, etc. Each space can have its own theme, profile, and set of tabs. Profiles allow you to store multiple login credentials, browsing history, and cookies for each space. This way, you can keep your work and personal accounts separate, or use different profiles for different projects or clients.


Arc also lets you customize your browsing experience with Boosts. Boosts are like mini-apps that let you change the look and feel of any website. You can use Boosts to block ads, and change fonts, colors, layouts, and more. You can also create your own Boosts with some basic HTML skills, or share your Boosts with other users.

Split View

Arc's built-in split-screen mode, called Split View, allows you to view multiple tabs simultaneously. You can easily split your browser into two, each showing a distinct tab. This is ideal for situations where you need to use pages for cross-reference or comparison. With Split View, you can easily drag and drop tabs between the two views, resize each view, and even close one view while keeping the other open. It's a great feature for multitasking and improving your productivity.

Arc Integrates Web Browsing With Built-in Applications

Another unique feature of Arc is that it integrates web browsing with built-in applications that enhance your productivity and creativity.

Built-in Notepad

Arc has a virtual notepad that lets you jot down notes, ideas, or reminders while browsing. You can also drag and drop text, images, links, or anything else from the web to your notepad.


Easel, a unique and exceptional feature offered by Arc browser, sets it apart from its counterparts. Unlike other browsers. Easel is a digital canvas that allows users to construct unique pages composed of snippets drawn from various websites across the internet. It's not just about collecting snippets though, it's what you can do with them that sets Easel apart.

This feature provides the ability to doodle, sketch lines and shapes, or even add text directly onto the snippets you've collected. Moreover, these Easels aren't static. If the fragment is set in live mode - a simple task of clicking the play button located in the bottom right corner - it will continually update. This functionality is particularly useful for snippets that contain constantly changing information, such as the current exchange rate, which will refresh to provide the most up-to-date data.

Easel also supports a high degree of interactivity and collaboration. Once you've customized your Easel to your satisfaction, you can share it with others through a simple link. This makes it an extremely powerful tool for collaborative work, allowing everyone to contribute to the creative process.

Arc also has some platform-wide apps that work across all your tabs and spaces. For example, Arc has a universal search feature that lets you search the web or any of your open tabs with a single keystroke. You can also use voice commands to control your browser or dictate text.

Arc is Fast and Secure

Arc is not only feature-rich but also fast and secure. Arc runs on the same underlying engine as Chrome, so it supports all the web standards and extensions that Chrome does. However, Arc is optimized for speed and performance, thanks to its streamlined design and the ability to put tabs to sleep when they are not in use.

Arc also respects your privacy and security. Arc has a built-in ad blocker and tracker blocker that prevent unwanted ads and trackers from loading on websites. You can also use Arc's incognito mode or Tor mode to browse anonymously and securely.

Arc is Available for Desktop and Mobile

Arc is currently only available for MacOS and iPhone users, for Windows and Android users it will be available by the end of 2023. You can download it for free from Arc's website. Arc also has a mobile companion app that lets you sync your data across devices and access your tabs, favourites, profiles, spaces, boosts, notepad and more on your phone or tablet.

If you're looking for a new way to browse the web, you should definitely give Arc a try. Arc is not just another browser; it's a browser that redefines web browsing. With Arc, you can customize your browsing experience, integrate web browsing with built-in applications, enjoy fast and secure browsing, and sync your data across devices. Arc is the browser for the future of the web.

Is Arc Better Than Chrome?

In my opinion, the most compelling reason to switch to the Arc browser is its inherent superiority over Google Chrome. Constructed on the robust foundation of the Chromium engine, it is garnished with a host of exclusive, native coding. This fantastic fusion delivers a browsing experience that harnesses the strengths of both platforms. For Mac users, Arc introduces a more dependable, less resource-intensive alternative to Chrome. Yet, since it employs the same engine as Chrome, it maintains compatibility with all your favourite Chrome extensions. Most notably, applications in the Google Suite and numerous intensive productivity web apps, originally optimized for Chrome, continue to perform superbly on Arc.

Final Thoughts

Arc is an innovative browser that combines the speed and security of Chrome with a host of cutting-edge features. It has a user-friendly interface, extensive customizability, built-in tools for productivity, and strong privacy settings. With Arc, you can experience a more dynamic web browsing experience, while still having access to all your favourite websites and extensions. Whether you're a casual browser or a power user, Arc has something to offer. Try Arc Browser today and experience the future of the web!

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