How to leverage Ai for yourself

Artificial Intelligence, or Ai, is increasingly used for services humans would have traditionally carried out. AI is a powerful but complicated technology with the potential to have important implications for enterprises and everyday consumers. Come see how to better utilize AI for your everyday life.
How to leverage Ai for yourself
How to leverage Ai for yourself

Artificial intelligence is now being found in many applications, from Microsoft Office to's Alexa device and even the chatbot on Tinder. By as early as 2021, at least four billion mobile devices were connected to the Internet, which is over ninety percent of the global internet connection, creating enormous potential for AI.

Some uses of AI include:

  • Identifying patterns in data that humans may miss can also improve processes.
  • Helping you to detect credit card fraud.
  • Assisting you in reviewing patient records in hospitals.
  • Providing you with a next-generation customer service agent.

Decide which areas of your life would benefit you most

The first step to applying AI to anything is to decide where you'd like to use the technology. Identifying the areas of your life that could most benefit from AI may take time, especially if you are new to the concept. Think about your daily tasks. Look at exactly how you manage these tasks and how AI could improve in this area.

Example: Do you spend more than an hour each week looking for the perfect pair of jeans? Using AI, you can make this process a whole lot easier by scanning jeans photos to get recommendations on the best brand and fit.

Focus on the areas of your life that are not actionable

Remember that AI is not suited to every aspect of your life. This technology is meant to solve only some problems. Use AI for the actionable things in your life but have a low impact on time and effort. This will help you to focus on the best use cases for AI.

Example: Consider your weekly shopping. For someone who shops infrequently, AI may provide valuable recommendations. A more frequent shopper, however, would probably not need recommendations to buy in bulk and plan

Find a Compelling Reason or Vision

Don't just leverage AI technology because you can. You will get more out of AI if you have an idea of how the technology might impact your life or the lives of others. Use your vision as a guide for how AI should be used.

Example: Imagine you are responsible for a team of engineers and were tasked to create an AI-powered customer service agent. Your vision and reason for making this agent might be "to create an all-knowing, personalized assistant who can help customers overcome various challenges." Your vision will guide you through creating an agent that doesn't just answer questions but one that helps your customers.

Look for processes that are Consistent and Repeatable

Processes that have consistency and repetition are good candidates for AI. From data entry to managing employees, look for ways that AI can help improve your processes. Using AI, you can ensure that your company complies with bylaws and other regulations.

Example: With customer service, for example, AI can be used to help train agents and detect customers who are in distress. Artificial Intelligence can also be used to flag customer data that requires further investigation from the customer service team.

Look To Your Network for Ideas

Consult people in your network for ideas about how AI could be used to improve processes in your life. Bringing AI into your life is a serious decision, and consultation with others is recommended.

Example: Understanding the potential of AI, a friend may recommend that you look into insurance fraud detection. If one person in your network is passionate about a topic, others will be.

Clearer Communication

If running a business, communicating with your employees will benefit from AI. This could be used to provide training and technical assistance and could even be applied to internal communication by replacing the human touch. Example: Imagine how AI could streamline communication with employees who are working remotely. With AI, your team will have access to the information needed. Artificial Intelligence can even be used to improve meeting attendance and to report across departments.


In conclusion, Artificial intelligence is becoming more and more accessible with the help of technologies like social media. AI can improve your life in many ways, but you must first decide what areas of your life might benefit from the technology. And to make the most of this, you must be prepared to gather the necessary information on where to apply AI.

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