How To Choose The Best Fitness Tracker For You

If you're looking for a fitness tracker, it's important to consider what the tracker is good for. There are many types of fitness trackers, and each one has its advantages and disadvantages. However, the most important thing is not just to choose the best one for you, but to try it out and see how you feel.
How To Choose The Best Fitness Tracker For You
How To Choose The Best Fitness Tracker For You

After you've tried all the trackers on the market, make sure to give up one or more (depending on the type of fitness tracker you choose) to find your ideal tracker. A good way to start is to use the Tracking Program at your favorite online store. This will help you find the right tracker for you without even trying them out. This article discusses some of the most popular fitness tracking apps to enable you to choose the correct one for you.

Apple Watch Series 1

Apple Watch Series 1 is the first-ever smartwatch from Apple that can be used as a fitness tracker. It comes with a built-in GPS chip which helps when it comes to cycling activities like running and swimming. It offers a variety of exercise modes such as Walk, Run, Bike, Sleep, etc. Apple Watch Series 1 helps motivate users by giving various informative tips during workouts.

Apple Watch uses a dual-core processor along with RAM 4GB. It also stores data locally in an internal memory of 50MB. Its battery life can last up to 18 hours. Besides this, there may be other issues related to the app update, so before purchasing this item, always go through reviews. If any user faces these problems, contact the customer care service department.

The Gear Sport uses a rotating crown similar to vintage Casio calculators. Unlike previous smartwatches in the Fitbit line, the Sport does not swim nicely with other Fitbit products. That said, we were excited about the sleek design, notification light, rotation crown, and Bluetooth functionality, making this stylish wearable a good choice for active individuals who value eye appeal as much as a digital function.

Garmin Vivoactive HR+ Smartwatch

The Garmin Vivofit isn't always the cheapest smartwatch around, but it makes up for this by offering tons of customization options, great battery life, stellar quality optics, and excellent hardware and construction. We think the styling will be preferred by more fashion-conscious consumers, while Garmin's apps and features offer a nice balance between fitness and timekeeping. You can easily use the Vivofit as a standalone smart activity- and sleep-tracking device, too.

The Motoactv Connected is another standout - it offers full GPS monitoring along with heart rate monitoring, unlike Fitbit devices which are limited to either step counting or heart rate tracking. Step count accuracy on non-Lumia phones has historically been spotty, though, so if you're looking for a dedicated smartphone running Wear OS, look for a device made by LG or Motorola.


Easily one of the favorite fitness trackers out there right now, the Nike + FuelBand SE delivers an amazing experience for extreme athletes, as it's designed to withstand hours spent outdoors, plus it offers NFC technology as well allowing users to save their progress towards reaching daily goals, set by using Google Now cards. On top of all that, the FuelBand SE boasts a huge number of motivating statistics that help users understand how many calories they've burned, how far they've walked or run, and how fast they've moved throughout the day. Plus, the app puts your stats into fun little graphs the first thing each morning, à la everything you see on Pinterest. Combined, all of these things mean that there are zero excuses to skip workouts now that you're wearing FuelBand.


Available for Android & iOS, FitNotes allows you to sync your health information across multiple devices where you already use HealthKit, including iPhones, iPads, and Macs. This includes your weight, blood pressure, medications, menstrual cycles, EKGs, glucose levels, and general wellness metrics. It's not just syncing through iCloud or Dropbox, nor is it relying on web services, like most other similar applications. Instead, it connects to various medical equipment and other third-party connected devices and securely shares your information via encrypted local Bluetooth connections. There's no need to enter any personal identification numbers or passwords, and no internet connection is required during setup or after a successful sync.

JEFIT Workout Tracker

Jefit is designed specifically for those who want to get back in shape quickly; the application aims to provide users with a simple way to monitor their workout routine, log nutrition intake, and keep tabs on important aspects of their lifestyle. With its intuitive interface and plethora of helpful tools, the app makes keeping track of your progress easy. One notable feature is that users are able to analyze data in real-time, thereby enabling them to make changes when necessary. Thanks to this, users can stay motivated by understanding what's going wrong and making adjustments accordingly.

Runtastic Smart Coach

With the SmartCoach function, you have full control over the entire training process, from motivation to recovery. Using innovative technologies provides feedback about current physical parameters such as pulse and breathing rates. Based on this data, the display of personalized coaching tips will tell you whether you should try harder, rest more, or simply enjoy some fresh air. Another helpful tool that helps Runtastic Smart Coach to become even smarter is the built-in speech synthesizer, which can read aloud text messages, emails, and other notifications while exercising. This allows you to focus totally on your workout without having to switch off your phone.

Leap Fitness Step Counter

The Leap fitness step counter is a great choice if you're looking for something very portable and discreet. Equipped with accelerometers, the device tracks your steps taken every single hour, so it won't let you miss a beat. As a bonus, it also records your distance traveled, distance walked/ran/jogged, floors climbed, and calories burned. Of course, it doesn't stop at just counting, as it also comes equipped with numerous other features: two alarms, voice recording, sleep tracking, heart rate monitoring, and GPS location awareness.

In conclusion, choosing the best fitness tracker requires considering both functionalities and design, especially for people who spend a significant amount of time using their phones. Therefore, we highly recommend you check out the products mentioned above since we think they meet all requirements of modern fitness enthusiasts.

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