Everything To Know About Ad Revenue On Twitch

Twitch has become a great source of ad revenue for many looking at advertising towards a variety of different demographics. Here's everything you need to know about the inner workings of Twitch's ad revenue system.
Everything To Know About Ad Revenue On Twitch
Everything To Know About Ad Revenue On Twitch

What is Ad Revenue?

Ad Revenue is when businesses buy ad space on a website, TV show, or app to promote their product or brand. It's usually through commercials, banners, or sponsorships. The business pays for the ad space, so viewers will see their message about the business and hopefully visit it in real life.

When Does Twitch Ad Revenue Go Live?

You will only start seeing advertisements in your channel if you reach the ad revenue threshold. The threshold is calculated based on your channel views per day. If you have 1000 views per day, you must make at least $50 within 24 hours to start seeing ads in your video. If you reach this threshold, then Twitch will work with a media partner (like an agency or a brand) to find a commercial spot for you to use on your channel. You can bet advertisers pay well for this opportunity, so don't expect to see commercials on channels without this monthly revenue.

What is the Point at Which Twitch Ad Revenue Goes Live?

If you reach the $50 threshold on a given day, then that day, advertisers will be notified about your channel and placed on a waiting list to have ads shown on your channel. This happens every 24 hours.

How Do I Know if I'm Gaining Ad Revenue?

You can view it in your Dashboard, located at the top of your account page. If it says "Ad Revenue" at the top and under that, you see an amount ($$$), this means that you are currently earning money from ads. By doing simple math for yourself, you will know if you have $400 in your account after 24 hours. If you see that amount, you saved your spot to earn ad revenue.

How Do I Get Ad Revenue?

If you want to start earning money from ads on Twitch, then get started by visiting the Ad Revenue Calculator in your Dashboard. It shows the total cost of ad revenue and how much it would take based on your channel views each day. In addition, it tells you what your daily threshold is, and that's when ads will stop appearing on your channel. If you're spending too little money, then you may not be getting enough impressions and visits to that company's website or product. If you're spending too much money, then most likely, your earnings are being eaten up by the cost of ads.

How Can I Reduce My Ad Revenue?

There are a few tips to reduce the cost of ad revenue. Don't spend more per day, which will allow you to spend less on impressions. Also, try rotating more than one ad format, as there will be times when some formats can look repetitive on your stream.

Which Ad Formats do I want to see?

There are a variety of ad formats, from non-intrusive banners on the side of the screen to full-screen video ads. When you first start, we recommend that you try the "non-intrusive" banner format, and once you are familiar with your channel, then have some fun with full-screen video ads.

How Do I Find a Media Partner?

If you're interested in having your commercial on Twitch, you may want to consider working with an agency or brand with a commercial budget. You can find some of these agencies or brands by visiting our Media Partners page.

How Do I Know My Channel is Eligible for Ad Revenue?

If you're wondering whether you can make money by showing ads on your channel, then start by making sure that you meet the requirements below. You must have: A valid and active PayPal account ID with a verified email address. An Ad Revenue Calculator balance of at least $50. A channel with at least 1000 views per day and seven consecutive days with 1000+ views. If all listed items above are met, ad revenue will automatically be available on your channel when you reach the daily threshold of $50 (or more).

How Can I Report Ad Revenue?

If you have ad revenue showing on your channel and then later decide that this is not right for your channel and want to report it, please go to your Dashboard and click on the "Ad Revenue" option. This will allow you to report your revenue and get it removed from the system. Please note that ad revenues are real-time, so they will not show up instantly. But because this is a real-time showing of ads, you can use Ad Revenue Calculator to see the current value of ads on your account.

What if Ad Revenue is Missing?

Suppose your ad revenue is not showing up after reaching the threshold (1000+ views per day, $50 total) for seven days within the month, and you cannot get an explanation from customer support. In that case, it could be due to the following possible reasons. You may be in a "cool down" period for receiving ads. If you know that this is not true for whatever reason but still can't find out why your Dashboard doesn't show any ad revenue.


In summary, if you have an active PayPal account, a verified email address, and a channel that is eligible to show ads, you should see some ad revenue. If you are unsure of anything else, please visit our Community page, or you can contact us directly at the Ad Revenue support email.

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