Coming Soon: Google Pixel Watch. Here’s What You Need To Know:

The original and best-selling Google Pixel Watch looks to be coming soon for those lucky enough to have access to this brand new device. This watch has been built from the ground up, focusing on the tiny tech giants who want their users.
Coming Soon: Google Pixel Watch. Here’s What You Need To Know:
Coming Soon: Google Pixel Watch. Here’s What You Need To Know:

The Pixel Watch is limited to those who can prove they pre-ordered the device and, due to that reason, already has apps preloaded onto their wrist. The watch, which includes an LTE connection and 32 gigabytes of memory, has the latest software and features like voice assistant and workout tracking.

When Will The Pixel Watch Launch?

Many are wondering when the original flagship watch will be launching, and it is not a big surprise that Google is keeping it under wraps for now. The watch will launch this week and be available for pre-order from the end of this month. The watch was expected to launch on May 26th, but this has now slipped to date in June. Google will sell the watch, and the tech giant is yet to confirm the price. It has many features that will help it compete with the apple watch and the Fitbit. The watch has several features that will give it an edge over the competing products. Here are some of those which the company previously revealed.

A Round Design

The design is round and fitted with a single button. It allows the user to act very quickly, and it will also help make a simple design that isn’t complicated.

Voice Assistant

The watch has a voice assistant that can work well with both Android and iOS devices, which means that it will be compatible with the majority of smart devices around at this time.

Fitness and Heart Rate Monitoring

The watch will help you keep track of your fitness by recording the distance traveled, pace and speed, and calories burned. It will be done daily and weekly to give you an idea of how hard you have been working out this week or last. It will mean that there will be a record of your activity, which Google wanted as it is all about keeping an eye on our every move.

Digital Assistant

The watch will also have a digital assistant, which means that it will be able to learn more about you and let you personalize it after some time. The digital assistant will work with Android and iOS and work with smart devices around the home as well. That means that you can use the watch to control all other smart devices in your home. This feature is called Google Assitant, the same software found on all android phones.

Battery Life

The Pixel Watch will last 24 hours when you are out and about so that you do not need to worry about charging your device every night. Other watches last around a day, so the battery life has been designed to be a lot better than something like the apple watch.

Wrist Detection and Location Tracking

Any smartwatch needs to detect your wrist movements to relay information back to your phone. The watch will do this by using the sensors built into the device. It leads to accurate tracking of your location and can help to take better pictures and even videos.

Watch fitting

The Fit edition of the watch will be different from the original model. It will have more features and a more robust build. This edition is meant for those who work out regularly as it will be able to track your activities with its motion sensors. In addition to this, it will also take other actions like recording your workouts, coaching you on what exercises to do to improve your performance, and letting you know how much time you need to complete that particular workout before moving on to the next one.

The Pixel Watch OS

The watch uses Android Wear 2.0 software which will be available on the device out of the box. The OS is a lot more capable than the previous version and comes with several new features, including an improved interface, better photo control, and Google Now cards which one can use to control your smart devices. Other than that, it is also possible to use other apps in Android Wear 2.0.


With all this information, it is clear that Google wants to compete in the smartwatch market in the long term. The original watch was a lot better than the apple watch, and the new features that have been added to it will help Google reach its goals. It will be interesting to see how both companies compete from here on out. Therefore, we can expect to see the Pixel watch hit the market by June.

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