An Intro to the Schumann Resonance and Why It Matters

A beginner's guide to the Schumann Resonance and why people pay attention to it.
An Intro to the Schumann Resonance and Why It Matters
An Intro to the Schumann Resonance and Why It Matters

Scientists have been quite busy studying our planet Earth for the past few hundred years. With all the human and machine activity that's been happening on this planet, there's a lot to cover, and the list might never end. 

One particular topic that might pique the interest of normal people is the Schumann Resonance.

This term might sound too scientific for you to comprehend, but we’ll gladly break down this concept for everybody’s sake—we all appreciate simplicity, right? 

The Schumann Resonance, you might find, is more than just another science term that gets lost in translation. Several scientists theorize that it may affect human behavior, which is why it's worth discussing. 

Want to know more about it? Read on below to find out what it is, why it matters to people, and how you can use it. 

What Is Schumann Resonance? 

We all know that lightning storms happen all over the world. About 2,000 lightning storms are happening at any given time, all of which produce about 50 lightning flashes each second. These lightning flashes produce electrical activity in a certain cavity.

This certain cavity is what we call the atmosphere. To be more specific, it’s the ionosphere which is above 1,000 kilometers above the Earth’s surface. 

All that electrical activity gets trapped in the ionosphere, making it conductive. However, since we’re still alive today, it’s a pretty weak conductor. 

So, what is its relationship to the Schumann Resonance? 

A portion of the ionosphere's electrical activity is actually standing waves of electricity—which means it's a combination of two different waves with energies that are either added together or canceled out. 

These standing waves are also known as Schumann Resonances if the waves' energies are combined. German physicist Winifred Otto Schumann discovered the Schumann Resonance.

The frequency of these resonances is 7.83 Hz which is also the frequency of alpha/theta brainwaves—more on this later. 

Why It Should Matter to People

There are different brainwaves, but we'll only discuss the alpha and theta brainwaves. Brainwaves represent electrical activity that emanates from our brains depending on what we're doing. 

The alpha brainwaves signal that a person is resting, reflecting, meditating, or taking a break from tasks. This brainwave usually emanates when we're resting after strenuous activity or doing yoga. 

On the other hand, theta brainwaves signal a much slower state of mind. Usually, theta brain waves are emanated when someone is daydreaming or when someone can't recall the last few minutes because of repetitive tasks. Meaning, this is a state where you're zoning out. 

The Schumann Resonance has the same frequency—recall 7.83 Hz—as these brainwaves, signaling that Earth's natural frequency can be a state of relaxation for us. 

However, with all the technology and activity that disrupts that frequency, we don’t really get to enjoy that natural activity. A main source of disruption would be mobile devices such as phones and tablets. 

These devices often operate at 450 to 2,700 MHz which are far greater than the Schumann Resonance. And since we're exposed to these on an hourly basis, we don't really get much of that relaxation that we want. 

Benefits of Tuning Into the Schumann Resonance Frequency

Several scientists have conducted experiments using the 7.83 HZ on humans. 

One such breakthrough is the effect of this frequency in inhibiting the growth of cancer cells. The study wanted to examine the effect of the natural Schumann Resonance frequency on a certain kind of cancer cells. 

The experiment yielded an inhibition rate of 17% compared to the control group. 

In underground experiments conducted by a scientist named Laker Weaver, subjects' physical and mental health were seen to improve. The subjects who lived in underground bunkers that were subjected to 7.83Hz were seen to be alleviated from headaches and emotional stress.

This experiment showed the relationship of a person’s physical and mental health to the Schumann Resonance. 

But for you to enjoy these benefits, you don't really have to sign up for experiments. You can simply disconnect every once in a while and turn off all the electronic devices you have at home. 

Lessening the use of your mobile phones and devices can also be beneficial for your health. 

If you really want to experience the frequency firsthand, then you can practice yoga and meditations frequently to allow your brain to emanate alpha/theta brainwaves. Doing it regularly helps your brain and body rejuvenate and relax. 

Interested in staying up to date with the earth's frequency? There are lots of social media accounts posting updates on social media. On we follow is the instagram account @schumannresonancedata

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